Could these be the most beautiful hair straighteners ever? I think so!
Newly launched by Yogi hair is two new floral designed straighteners : one pair aqua, one pair purple
that are as beautifully designed as they are practical. The Yogi straighteners feature ceramic and tourmaline coated floating plates that glide through the hair for easy styling and for a high shine finish and fighting the frizz. Unlike the market leading straighteners (i'm naming no names) you can adjust the heat setting,  from 60o (great for fine hair) all the way up to 210o which is best used on extremely thick hair but with the adjustable setting you can play around until you find a heat best suited to your needs.
As with all heat appliances I highly recommend picking up a good heat protectant to shield the hair and prevent damage.

I will admit that although the Yogi straighteners heat up fairly quickly they are a little slower than my ghd's,

on average I find the Yogi version to require a minute to reach full heat which when all things are considered it isn't that bad really?
My favourite aspect (design aside) has to be the super long cord, I can not tell you how many times I have ripped styling appliances out of the wall mid use due to the cord being too short!
Much like most modern hair straighteners out there you can also use the Yogi version to curl the hair or crimp it if you have the patience without them tugging or pulling at the hair.

At the moment this pair and the other floral version are currently on offer for £49 (saving £40.95) and along with a one year guarantee they come a big beach bag, comb and purse which is pretty good going!
If you are in the market for a good pair of slim and beautifully designed straighteners I say snap up a pair of the Yogi variety sharpish!

Yogi Summer Floral Straighteners* £49 via Yogi hair and Boots - link