As today is Valentines Day I thought it would be nice to feature a few luxurious items in case anyone is in the mood to treat themselves or perhaps a loved one and let me tell you when it comes to candles NEOM is the bottom line in luxury.
NEOM Contentment is the newest scent to the already expansive scent wardrobe but I can honestly say that so far this has to be my favourite fragrance and it has taken some doing to beat the Real Luxury scent!
Contentment is a blackcurrant based scent that is deepened by the addition of both nutmeg and ginger which oddly only add a little warmth the spicy tones seem to be muted by the fruity blackcurrant top note.
In my opinion NEOM Contentment is the perfect transitional scent, outside may be snowing but Spring is in the air and this fragrance is both uplifting and comforting without being overly sweet or tart.
If so far you haven't found your perfect NEOM scent than I urge you to try this as it is a little sweeter and fresher than the typical NEOM offering.

NEOM Contentment Home Candle* £39.50 via NEOM - link