I for one enjoy "What's in My Bag" posts so today rather than empty out the contents of what can only be described as Mary Poppins meets Bag Lady handbag, I thought I'd give you all a little peek into my everyday make-up bag. My everyday make-up bag equipped for most situations the big bad world can throw my way without being too overly stuffed...well maybe!

As you can see I'm an everything but the kitchen sink kinda gal and don't feel secure unless I have all I need to fix any make-up based dilemma. I must come across as such a nervous Nancy...I guess it is true!
At the moment I have Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturiser Creme Compact and Origins Anti-Ageing Concealer for any base woes. Both are easy to blend and apply on the go which is crucial and work well together which again is rather important.

Shockingly I don't have a separate blush in my bag and tend to quickly buff on one of the blush shades in Khloe's Kardazzle for Khroma Beauty palette.  Truthfully my blush doesn't tend to need touched up at all over the day. I tend to find if you set your make-up well in the morning other than reapplying lipstick i'm pretty much set for the day but a little part of my brain thinks what if it rains!?!
None the less should any shine creep onto my skin throughout the day I have Clarins Bronzing Duo in Dark to beat any excess sebum. Not only do I keep the Clarins bronzer around for beating shiny skin but as it is separated into two segments one section can be used to bronze while they other can be used to mattify...a clever little product.

I am a neutral make-up girl at heart and as I earlier mentioned Khloe's Kardazzle palette has a permanent place within my make-up bag. Not only does it contain a small array of face powders (a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter) but it also contains 10 well size eyeshadows of varying formulas.
An everyday staple for me is Three Custom Color's Light Clarifying Pencil which is at it's core a nude eyeliner but I find it less stark than any high street version - bigger, brighter eyes in one quick move, what's not to love? I like being able to quickly transform my day look into a slightly edgier evening look so for such occasions I have MAC's Carbon Eyeshadow to smoke things out a little and Rimmel's Scandaleyes eye liner in black to add a little drama to any look. No make up bag is complete without a mascara and at the moment I have a mini version of Khroma's The Quickie Mascara which is the perfect size for not only travel but everyday use.

Like most ladies I have a good few lipsticks rolling about in my make-up bag, I seem to live by the better safe than sorry mantra. Unsurprisingly I have an array of pink and nude shades which include MAC Angel, Bobbi Brown's Modest Pink, Soap & Glory's Nudist Lip Gloss Stick and Rimmel's Apocalips in Nude Eclipse. All of those shades work really well with my skin tone and can be slicked on with whatever eye make-up look and still look good.I oddly only carry one lip liner around with me which I really should remedy ( I need to include a red) said lip liner is 17's Rose Blush which works wonderfully well with most pink and nude lip colours. As mentioned earlier I like being able to go from day to night with only the aid of a few products one being Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Tesoro. Tesoro is a bright red-orange shade that wears beautifully and works so well with my skin tone, it's quick and easy to apply which is always a bonus when time is of the essence. In a corner of my bag resides a little spherical lip balm which smells simply divine - raspberry ripple ice cream anyone? The balm I am of course talking about is Balmi's Lip Balm in Raspberry...yum!

I also lug around a few make-up brushes all of which are cheap and cheerful (Boots and Real Techniques)
as I really wouldn't forgive myself if I damaged or heaven forbid lost any of my expensive brushes.
I recently received some new everyday staples from Ted Baker including tweezers, nail files and eye lash curlers all of which I have quickly grown attached to.
Let's face it you never know when tweezers will come in handy and a nail file is a must for me uneven nails make me feel uneasy.Stupidly I have a pair of false eye lashes but no eyelash glue...no idea how I planned on wearing them and saving the most bizarre inclusion to last is a mini tooth brush and toothpaste!
I have never actually used the toothbrush but as it is so tiny and cute I figured carrying it around wouldn't hurt!

In case any one is wondering my make-up bag was kindly gifted to me by Mad Beauty.
It is huge, features a print by Martin Winscombe, is perfect for travel not to mention it is completely wipe clean! Not bad for £8.99* huh? You can view it here - link.