As some may know I am currently road testing the new Nivea anti-persprirant - Stress Protect 
which has been formulated to help protect against the effects of stress sweating, after heat,stress is the 2nd most common trigger for sweating and is very different to the sweat produced from heat or physical exercise. It has a more rapid onset and smells much worse (yuck), making it harder to control. NIVEA Stress Protect is proven to minimise this stress sweat by up to 85% and helps reduce the formation of body odour. Nivea Stress Protect has a lovely light, clean scent and is very much unisex.

So what did I choose to do for my second test?
What you mean my title doesn't expose all?
Well not only did I leave my current gym which is full of really pushy staff forever pestering me to join classes when i'm quite content casually jogging along with my iPod blaring but I also joined a new swish gym.
This new gym is  full of super skinny instructors, which is not at all daunting and off putting when you are huffing around like a lost baby hippo!
The leaving of said gym wasn't bad...I took the wuss way out and did it in writing but the induction at the new gym was horrid! I was nervous, stressed and it doesn't help that they gave me the beefiest meat cake of a personal trainer to show me the ropes. Imagine a young Stallone and you have the idea, he also didn't seem amused by my Rocky impressions at all! Oh and to top things off I have somehow managed to get myself signed up for a boot camp session complete with the ugliest membership photo known to man kind. Stress does make you sweat! Oh you best believe it! My palms and other areas like my back and tummy creases (doesn't that sound completly vulgar) weren't what you'd deem dry but my armpits were sweat free and smelling sweeter than a daisy...good show Nivea Stress Protect, jolly good show indeed!

As for the boot camp well that is still on hold, permanently!
6am gym classes...not on your nelly son!

You can find out more about Nivea Stress protect via Nivea UK's web page.

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