I think we all like to kid ourselves that we take great care of our hair and I'm sure many of us do but let's be frank there is always room for improvement.
My biggest problem is the last few inches of my hair, as a result of last years ombre they are drier than the rest of my hair and although all signs of bleach have since been hidden with a deep brown dye the damage remains.
Of course I could go to the hairdressers and have those remaining inches lobbed of but being a girl on a mission to grow super long hair I don't quite want to go down that route, instead I have been splashing out on intensive conditioning treatments and avoiding heat.

The latest product that has pride of place in my bathroom is Bumble and Bumble Deeep Conditioner.
This super thick conditioner has been formulated for those with seriously dry hair - think bleach, over styling and those who spend a little longer in the sun than they should.
Luckily for all my fellow lazy gals out there this conditioner is more of a once-a-week protein deep repair mask rather than your typically daily conditioner.
As mentioned it is super thick and as a result it can be quite heavy on the hair so don't be tempted to use it more frequently than recommend or you will weigh the hair down but used once a week it truly does condition deep down, softens the hair , smooths, revitalises, adds shine and increases elasticity.
Not bad for something slap on for 20 minutes once a week.

Like most Bumble and Bumble products this has a lovely fresh salon product type scent and I have found it to not only do all it claims it will (hydrates, soften, smooth, reviatlise) but is a wonderful de-tangler.
Anyone with long, dry hair will know the pain of a monstrous knot and anything that helps make
brushing knotted hair easier is welcomed by me with wide, open arms!
I'm getting a little ahead of myself here as it is only January but anyone with a summer holiday booked
that involves chlorine and salt should grab a tube of this for their toiletry bag.

Bumble and Bumble Deeep Conditioner £9.50-£21.50 via Bumble Bumble - link