A quick run down of what I have been reaching for most this week...

Despite the milder weather my lips have been in a dire state so I have been applying Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream Lip Gloss which is essentially a super thick lip balm that protects the lips as well as healing.
It's one of those products you'll either love or loathe. To prevent my lips from becoming drier thanks to my love of matte lipstick I have swapped matte formulas in favour of Clarins Crystal Lip Balms which add a pop of colour while being hydrating, my colour of choice is 06 Crystal Madarin.

At the moment I have been swearing by Eysilix Eye Cream which not only helps reduce signs of ageing but is a miracle worker for banishing dark circles and puffy under eye areas. If you haven't tried this yet I urge you to do so. As I have a full fringe I have been a little lazy with eye make-up and preferring to apply lots of mascara namely Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express, this has to be my favourite mascara at the moment.
I wouldn't say ever as YSL Shocking has that acclade but it's a contender that's for sure.

Much like the rest of my make-up I have been cheeking my cheeks fairly simple, contouring with Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact and adding a little colour and radiance with MAC's Archie's Girls Flatter Me Pearlmatte face powder. So far I have to admit that 2013 has been a great year for make-up as these two face powders prove.

If you haven't tried out L'Oreal's Conffettis top coat then you simply must put your coat on and go and purchase it now! In the bottle this little mix of black and white matte "glitter" doesn't scream buy me but slick it over any polish and you will discover it's magic. I know it is only February but it is my favourite polish of 2013...only 10 more months to go haha!

What have you been reaching for most this week?