I'm currently sat devouring a red velvet cupcake, I am meant to be clean eating but I have decided we all need a little treat now and then so Sunday's from here on out will be my day off. Hashtag fat pie.
Along with cupcake crumbs i'm rather enjoying watching The Wedding Planner and contemplating having an epic pampering session but we both know that won't happen so let me share with you my lazy girls guide to pampering...

Step 1-  make the most of your shower, dig out those shower oils. Cleanse, shave and moisturise in one step, how can that ever be a bad thing? Although I do normally advocate L'Occaitane's Almond Shower Oil as my stock is running low this week so I shall forgo it in favor of Sanctuary's Two Day Moisture Shower Oil, it's not the best but it is much better than a typical shower gel and for change of £10 you can do a lot worse.

Step 2 - why use a typical shampoo and conditioner when you can use one product that not only efficiently cleanses but moisturises the hair using a combination of oils one being Argan oil. I am of course talking about Macadamia's Flawless hair system one of the best hair inventions ever not to mention it shaves time off of any shower...score.

Step 3 - don't waste time with body lotions and butter if it's intensive and instant moistuisation you need instead go for a body oil and if like myself you have a few wobbly areas then I recommend Balance Me's Super Toning Body Oil. Not only does this oil instantly hydrate the skin but when used fairly regularly it can help to tone and tighten the skin, a must have for firmer summer thighs.

Step 4 - while we are on all things speedy a quick coat or two of L'Oreal's Confettis Top Coat not only jazzes up any nail colour but helps hide chips and as it is a top coat will prolong the length of your manicure.
I personally love teaming it with pastel nail shades for an ice-cream vibe but truth be told I've yet to find a polish it doesn't work with. 

Step 5 - we all know how I love a good candle or two and what blissful day of pampering would be complete without a candle? At the moment I can not get enough of the Kringle Candle Company  daylights,
as the sun is shining I thought today would be a good excuse to burn Coconut Pineapple. If you like Pina Colada's...

I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday too, cake and cheesy movies aside!