Some weeks you are glad to see the back of and this is one, in the space of seven days I have broken not one but two cameras and have no idea how I managed it! As we speak I am camera-less and really do feel like I have lost a limb as pathetic as that may seem but I am so used to having one at my disposal to snap away...I never thought I'd turn into that guy but I have.
However one should be with my by tomorrow and I can finally begin to work through the huge stash of new goodies I have to share!

Anyway until then let's crack on with what I have been reaching for most this week. As I have mentioned a few times now I've recently began the transition back to blonde and that has resulted in bleach and a little damage to my hair, my daily conditioner at the moment is Berber Oil Mask which is a little more intense than anything else I own but light enough for everyday use. Oh and it smells like cherry sweets...yum!

Having got my fringe (bangs) cut back in I haven't really felt much need for a whole lot of eye make-up so I have been quickly applying a stroke of Sleek Make-Up's black liquid liner and finishing with lashings of Fiberwig Mascara which gives the effect of false eyelashes without the hassle, that and it looks far more natural.

As I have been lazy and not really emptied my make-up bag throughout the week (slap on the wrist for me) I have been chained to Khroma Beauty's only lip colour which is a beautiful nude based pink and surprisingly one of my favourite lipsticks ever! Other beauty products I have been pretty religiously include Clarins Ever Matte Face Powder which is the perfect companion to their foundation of the same name which h I really do rate highly. As a blush I have been relying on an old MSF from MAC dubbed Star Wonder which gives a lovely but slightly frosty pink glow to the cheeks.

Valentines has been and gone (no card for me...sob,sob) but I did dig out a red glitter polish by Topshop to sort of get into the swing of things. Topshop's Prospect Nail Varnish is no longer on their site but it is a medley of red and gold glitter and bizarrely reminds me of The Hunger Games...the girl on fire etc?

I have decided that after rolling on Kim Kardashian's original scent all week that the time has come to purchase the full size, which I may do today in town if I can find it.
I'm really digging the Kardashian's beauty products at the moment and secretly can't wait to see baby Kimye!

My skin hasn't been the best recently so I have began experimenting with various skin care products and my moisturiser of choice lately has been Apivita Aqua Vita moisturiser for oily skin.
It is super light but hydrating, it has a gel like texture and feels super cooling on the skin.
Apivita are such a great natural brand, that if you have yet to try I do urge you to give into temptation.

What have you been reaching for most this week?