For the last few days the sun has been in the sky and thoughts of summer have been racing through my mind.
I always say I am a winter person and don't get me wrong I enjoy it but towards the end I think I'd only be lying to myself if I didn't admit that secretly I enjoy the warmer weather equally so.
Before Spring let alone Summer can be enjoyed I really do need to step up my routine and banish myself of all the hindrances that the cold weather has bore, the skin on my body due to general negligence is dull, dry and in need of a drastic change.

Sure I could just jump in the shower with any old body scrub and hope for the best but I really want something a little more from a body polisher...enter Organic Surge's Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish.

Organic Surge's Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish not only looks like it is good enough to eat due to the gorgeous brown kitchen style container but smells good enough too with a blend of Brown Sugar and natural oils such as Sweet Orange.
Unlike your typical body scrub from a tube in terms of consistency as it is quite thin and loose with a liquid layer, overnight the liquid will raise to the top of the scrub but if you give the scrub a quick stir it does become a little thicker and in turn easier to use.

So what makes this different from other body scrubs out there?
Well the organic brown sugar crystals not only polish away dead and'or dry skin cells but the blend helps to flush out the  pores to ensure the skin is cleansed deep down. Organic Surge's Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish also contains a blend of natural and organic oils which lock in moisture, revive and invigorate the skin not mention as you have buffered away any dead skin cells the skin will glow all over. In the past some body polishers have dried out my skin but this one is almost like a two in one product as it not only buffers the skin but also adds a non-greasy barrier of moisture which is perfect for dry skin prone areas such as the knees, elbows and feet.

If like myself you are partial to self tanning then I recommend adding this to your self tanning routine for a perfectly smooth canvas. I do recommend using it the day before tanning rather than the day of tanning to prevent it from reacting adversely towards any tanning product.

Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish* 400g/£32 via Organic Surge - link
$1 from each purchase does go towards helping to create financial and emotional opportunities for some of the most neglected people in our world. Which you can read more about here - link