What would a new Clarins collection be without a new eyeshadow palette? 
Well all of my fellow neutral fans will rejoice at the new Splendours Eye Quartet which not only boasts four of the prettiest everyday shades I have seen in a while but also an eyeliner too.
I know what you are thinking, roll on April so I can snap this little treasure up!

Much like the Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact - review link the Clarins Spelendours Eye Palette comes presented in a similar style: a beautifully adorned outer shell with a sundial/Aztec style engravings finished of in warm tortoiseshell colour that is equally classy as it is a nod to the heat of summer.
Inside the compact along with four eyeshadows and an eyeliner you will find two small brushes and a sizable good quality mirror so you have all you need to apply or touch up on the go.

Rather than generalise I thought it would be more helpful to give a brief colour run down and review of the four shades and liner inside the Splendpours Eye Quartet (top to bottom, left to right):

Shade 1 - A warm golden yet slight orange tinged bronze that is summer personified, this reminds me a little of MAC's Bronze and is my ultimate pick for blue or grey eyes as it really allows them to pop.
This shade is metallic in formula, soft to the touch, blends easily and has no noticeable traces of glitter.

Shade 2 - A slightly warmer than your typical ivory shade that has a strong golden undertone, again this is a metallic shade but is less so than above. Rather this has a subtle shimmer finish and is a great highlight option that is universally flattering.

Shade 3 - A rich chocolate brown that does have a slight purple undertone in certain lights, I would say this is slightly cooler in tone than most brown shades but I do enjoy how it adds a touch of depth to the palette overall. Again this is metallic in formula, soft to the touch, blends easily and has no noticeable traces of glitter.
Unsurprisingly this is the most pigmented shade out of the four eyeshadows.

Shade 4 - A golden tinged mid toned pink that is similar to MAC's Expensive Pink and is a great but unexpected edition to an essentially neutral palette but that being said the pink works wonderfully well with all three shades within.  Again this is metallic in formula, soft to the touch, blends easily and has no noticeable traces of glitter and a great pink eyeshadow for those like myself who tend to steer clear of bright shades.

The Liner - A true black liner that is a little stiff initially and does require a little work to get good clean lines,
I don't particularly rate it on oily lids as it has a tendency to slip a little but on any other skin type it would be more than fine, you can also use it as a base for deeper eyeshadows.

Overall this palette is perfect for those like myself who lean on neutral eyeshadows on a daily basis or for those looking for a lovely selection of mostly warm shades to see them from the summer and beyond.
Each shade has been well selected and compliments one and other beautifully and allows you to create both day and night looks, not to mention the presentation is beyond words - disturbing the delicate etchings on each shade was painful haha!
I think Clarins have a winner on their hands with the new Summer 2013 Splendours Eyeshadow Palette
and can imagine when it launches in April it will sell out and quickly at that!

Clarins Summer 2013 Splendours Eyeshadow Quartet Palette* £31 and will launch in April 2013.