Forget about your typical lip glosses this Summer sees Clarins launch two limited edition Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels which look a little like flavoured syrups and smell pretty similar too.
If you are a fan of lip glosses and sheer colour lip products then read on as I may just have found your perfect summer companions.

As with all Clarins products the new Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels are packaged in a sophisticated way with little golden accents and an angled tip applicator for ease of use . What I like most is that the body of the tube is transparent which allows you not only to see at a quick glance the shade but also how much product you have used.

As mentioned there is two shades:

01 Crystal Pink - Which does look more red than pink when in the tube and when swatched it takes on a more raspberry tone but on the lips it gives a just bitten sort of effect. Despite looking pretty full on in the tube it is very natural on the lips and is most certainly a universal shade.

02 Crystal Plum - Admittedly I was hoping for a coral lip shade from Clarins this summer but all credit to the company for not taking the typical route with this plum shade. Again this appears much deeper in the tube than when worn, if like myself plum isn't your typical choosing then this may appeal to you as it has a strong red undertone so when on the lips it looks like my lips but only slightly redder and glossier...if that makes any sense at all? A great introduction to plum lips and this shade will look great all year round!

When I first saw the Lip Gels my instant thought was oh my goodness these will be mighty sticky on the lips but surprisingly they aren't, now don't get me wrong they have a slight tackiness and you can detect the product on the lips but they are no where as near as sticky as other glosses (Juicy Tubes I'm looking at you). 
Like most gloss type products these work with your natural lip colour rather than masking it and for that reason alone they are one of the few lip products that are truly universal in tone.
As these do have a slightly thicker than usual texture they are not prone to slipping nor bleeding throughout the course of wear which on average is a little over an hour per application.

The Clarins  Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels* will launch in April nationwide and will cost £16.50 each.