A quick little back story for you all because after all every day is a school day, Sunday school if you will.
The NARS 413 BLKR collection is named as such as a nod to the NARS flagship boutique at 413 Bleecker Street in NYC’s West Village...oh how I wish to visit.
The newest product to join the 413 BLKR collection is a sheer burgundy multiple - NARS 413 BLKR The Multiple.

NARS 413 BLKR The Multiple is presented in exactly the same style as any of the other numerous Multiples currently available. The beauty of all NARS multiples is the texture, a light cream multi-purpose shade that can be used as a highlight blush, eye shade or lip shade depending on the multiple you purchase.
They apply so easily - I like to dab it on straight from the tube and blend for an quick glow
not to mention unlike some cream product they really do last the pace with each application wearing for at least 7 hours on my oily skin with ease.

NARS 413 BLKR has no official shade name but is simply listed as Burgundy which I will be the first to admit that based on appearance alone I was a little daunted by the shade but luckily it is sheer yet buildable
so even the deepest of skin tones can enjoy this berry red shade.
As I mentioned on some skin tones this may require a few layers to create the desired intensity of shade
but remains light in both texture and feel.
On my skin when blended in with my fingertips one quick application gives a dewy just went for a little jog flush of colour and glow. Yet on my lips it takes on a slightly lighter shade that leans more brown than anything else but that is because I have sheered it out to show just how diverse the shade can be but if a deeper shade is more your thing then you can apply without blending out for a true berry tone.
On the lips I do find it a little drying so for that reason I do recommend coupling it with either a slick of lip balm before or gloss afterwards.
You can also apply the Multiple to the eyes which with this shade is not really something I would personally do but I sure creative types could rustle up a beautiful look?

 NARS 413 BLKR The Multiple* is exclusive to the NARS website within the UK - link £30