For the next few days all you will be hearing about is Valentines Day and if you are planning on doing a lot of smooching (you dirty midden haha) then let me introduce you to a wonderfully formulated lip balm by Balance Me that is tinged with a wonderful rose fragrance!

Balance Me's Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve is made using only 100% natural hyaluronic acid, pharma grade lanolin to plump and smooth with a trio of organic butters : shea, mango and cocoa butters to soften and protect the lips against all the weather can throw at you. But that is not all it also contains a blend of rosehip, jojoba and virgin coconut oils to soothe and hydrate the lips with rose otto, rose geranium and palma rosa to calm, soothe and scent the salve.

Sadly I am allergic to cocoa butter so applying it would not be wise but I have passed this on to my sister who not only swears by it but hails it the best lip balm she has every tried and this is the girl who before could not be coaxed to put down her beloved Carmex for anything else in the past. The only complaint she had is that the product is rather scented and you can taste it while wearing the product which some may not be a fan of? You can purchase Balance Me's Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve - here for £12/10ml*