So we have reached the final product from my very recent MAC splurge, for those asking Selfridges have exclusivity for this collection until the 19th of February so I'm guessing it will be the 20th before this creeps on to the MAC website and counters but I could of course be wrong.

I think it is fair to say that I am most definitely a Betty - the peachy pink shades that make up her collection appeal to me far more than the deep shades...different stokes for different folks and all that!
That last product I have to share is MAC's Cream Soda Blush which does share the same white packaging with the graphic print of Betty in all her blonde glory. As MAC blushes have a transparent window it seems less bold in design when compared to the lipsticks etc but hey at the end of the day it is only packaging!

MAC Archie's Girls Blush in Cream Soda is listed on the MAC US website as a light neutral coral which I guess is somewhat true but I would say it is more peach than anything else.
Cream Soda leans slightly yellow and is quite pale and stark in tone and for that reason alone I don't recommend it for deeper skin tones unless you enjoy the ashen look.
On paler skin tones this shade will brighten and add a light flush of colour that looks natural
and is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.
In terms of dupes I would say that MAC Peaches is very similar in tone.

MAC Cream Soda is a satin formula blush which in my opinion tend to be the driest formulation from MAC
and in my experience are most likely to cling to dry areas of the skin.
I did find Cream Soda to be a little chalky but there is no issue with pigmentation but there is a little product fall out.
As this is a satin formula Cream Soda is not completely matte and on close inspection it does have tiny little shimmer flecks but I do not find they translate on to the skin, when worn it is essentially a matte formula
that does not settle into the pores or fine lines but isn't the easiest to buff into the skin due to the dry formulation.
The redeeming feature of MAC satin formula blushes is that they do wear fairly well at around 8 hours o my oily skin when primed but of course everyone's experiences will be different.

MAC Archie's Girls Blush in Cream Soda £19/6g via Selfridges - link