I think like most who eagerly anticipated the Archie's Girl Collection the product that rendered me a little giddy and topped my MAC Archie's Girls shopping list was the Pearlmatte Face Powders.
I knew from the get go that the peachy offering that is Flatter Me would be mine, I really need to step away from coral and peach shades but today is not that day my friend!

Unlike the vast majority of the Archie's Girls collection the Pearlmatte face powders have not been divided into the sub-categories but at a quick glace it is pretty easy to see that Flatter Me would be Betty's offering and the shade Veronica's Blush...well that speaks for itself.
The Pearlmatte Face Powder's are the only product within the collection (accessories aside) that feature all three characters on the casing - Archie, Betty and Veronica which I do think is pretty cute and fitting for valentines day which was one of the many aims behind this collective.

The Pearlmatte Face Powder's have come along way since I first purchased one with my pocket money way back in 2007, gone is the gritty and weakly pigmented formula and in this instance we have a silky soft well pigmented offering that has just the right amount of shimmer.
Flatter Me is a light, golden peach shade that is constructed of a large light yellow based luminising powder which is scattered with warm pink hearts that deepen the shade when combined with the base.
Some have said that you can use the hearts separately as a blush but I am afraid I have to disagree as they are so small but as the powder has a multitude of uses I can let this go.

When both shades are combined you get a light but vivid peachy pink shade that has a slight frosted finish
with no visible shimmer flecks which is a complete godsend for those with enlarged pores and any sign of ageing.
The illuminating finish brightens the skin and depending on how you apply it can either be a blush or highlighting powder or for those creative types it can be used as eyeshadow shades.
I will be truthful and say that on lighter skin tones this is best used as a blush and on deeper complexions this will be more suited as an highlighter.
As I have only picked this up today I have yet to probably test it for wear time but I am buffing it on to my skin as we speak for a night out and will update with a quick sentence or two on how it fares.

MAC Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me is currently exclusive to Selfridges £21.50/10g - link