Finding a good leave in conditioner is no easy task, if it is too thick and heavy you can end up with greasy and/or sticky hair, too light and frankly it does nothing.
Luckily Lee Stafford's newest addition to his hair care line up - Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment is nothing short of amazing particularly if you have damaged hair.

So yes Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment has been created for damaged and over processed hair types this deep conditioning leave in treatment contains Pro-Repair™ complex of Soy, Amino Acids, replenishing lipids and Jojoba Oil. Combined these ingredients not only condition but also add elasticity, strength and soften any rough hair cuticles.

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment is a slightly runny textured product but rest assure once applied to the ends and mid lengths of the hair it offers instant hydration, smooths the cuticle which in turn results in the hair being easier to comb...if you have long, damaged hair you will know my pain after each wash. I tend to apply this before blow drying my hair for a sleek, glossy finish that is noticeably softer and after a good few uses I have noticed that my hair is easier to handle, i.e my hair doesn't tangle as much and generally the cuticle feels smoother.

Even if you aren't one to bleach or don't have damaged hair I recommend picking up a tube to stick in your beach bag as it will be a complete and utter savior for all that the sea salt, chlorine and sun can throw at hair
and it will also prevent future damage due to the UV filter.

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Leave in Treatment* £7.99/200ml via Boots - link
* Product sent for consideration.