This post is a result of a dire hair emergency rather than a well planned and researched D.I.Y post (pahahaha like I do those). Not so long ago I was visiting a friends home who happened to be male and prior to arriving I was caught in a typical Glaswegian downpour. Now if you have hair like mine this only ever goes one way - big, frizzy and generally un-pretty. Like most males a hair band/bobble/tie was never something he was going to be able to supply so out of dire straights I created a suitable hair tie out of a scrap piece of elastic (it was attached to a gift tag left over from Christmas).

Not so long ago sample boxes featured similar hair ties (Twist Hair Ties I believe?) and that is what I fashioned my make shift hair tie design on, with a little further research I have found out that this style will not cause any damage to the hair and shouldn't leave a dent/mark on straight hair when used.

So without further ado let me share this super simple tutorial (if we can call it that?).

Step 1. Take a length of elastic and cut to size - each of my lengths are approx 8 inches long, I bought my elastic from eBay for 99p each - link.

Step 2. Double elastic upon itself and tie a knot at the end, i'm afraid I can not specify on what type of knot I have used as I've never sailed a day in my life nor am I a Boy Scout. You can also trim of the excess elastic at the ends if you wish.

Step 3. Rain and other hair dilemmas come at me bro!