It seems much like a puppy chapped lips aren't just for Christmas...god what an opening sentence eh?
Anyway what I'm really trying to say is that thanks to a combination of matte lipsticks, licking and chewing my bottom lip that my lips have seen better days and going without a lip balm is not going to happen.
Like most I have a good few lip balms scattered here and there but the one brand I am forever advocating is Carmex.

Now whenever I mention Carmex a good few are always quick to comment that they lobe the balm just not so much the medicinal type scent well my happy go lucky little friends there is two new flavors scents in town  to collect. One being the citrus based Lime Twist and the other is the equally fruity Pomegranate which I have yet to source. What I like most about the new additions, scent aside (the lime one reminds me of Mojitos!) is that they come in a typical screw up lipbalm/lipstick fashion,  gone are the days of sticking your fingers in a tub and generally making a mess. 

Much like the typical Carmex formula this has a thick waxy come balm texture that instantly soothes and hydrates the lips and with a good few uses it will also repair and relive dry/cracked lips.
The bonus however is that the new Lime Twist version has an added SPF15 making it the perfect balm to stock up on for the warmer days or jaunts abroad (a girl can only hope).

The new Carmex additons are avaliable from Superdrug for £2.55  - link each but in-store they are promoting them on a two for £3.50 deal.