Despite owning, loving and generally obsessing over candles I only own two by Diptyque.
Why? Simply because they are rather pricey but rest assure should I ever stumble across that winning lottery ticket I will fill my palatial sized home with the sweet scent of Diptyque Figuier.

For Christmas I was given a few Space.NK vouchers which I had yet to spend so at the weekend
I trotted along with only one product on my mind the Diptyque Rose Duet candle.
At that point I hadn't as much as held the candle let alone know what it smelled like but I was sold from the moment I saw the pale pink frosted glass online and as I love all things rose scented I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

The Rose Duet version is of course limited edition and have been created especially to commemorate Valentines Day 2013 and has been inspired by the mysterious Duet Rose, a hybrid rose favoured by botanists for its unique petals, which are light on one side and dark.
Diptyque Rose Duet is not your typical rose scented product it is in fact a blend of two Diptyque scents: Roses and Baies. 
Truthfully the Roses scent dominates but as Baies features notes including rose petals and blackcurrant leaves it would be fairly difficult to detect it fully. What I will say is that the Baies addition adds a slightly fruity kick and takes what could be a typical powdery rose scent into something a little more special and more intense.

Out of the very select few Diptyque candles I have experienced thus far this is by far the most powerful in terms of scent throw and does fill not just a room but the entire home full of a bright almost fruit rose scent.
Fans of true rose fragrances like myself will really enjoy this and when it is done you have a beautiful glass container perfect for holding make-up brushes etc.

 Diptyque Rose Duet Candle 190g/£42 via Space.NK - link