I can recall flicking through glossy magazines in Secondary School while in my late teens and forever noticing two staple products that celebrities and make-up artists alike were recommending : L'Occitane Hand Cream
and Stila Convertible Colour. In hindsight I'm pretty sure I read an interview when Sex in the City was the "it" programme to watch and Sarah Jessica Parker recommended both, I actually saved up my pittance of a wage and bought a Stila Convertible Colour the hand creams came at a later date.

Fast forward a few years and heartbreaks later and I own at least five L'Occitane hand creams all stashed within various nooks and crannies of my life. The one variation that I do tend to go back to and the only version I have re-purchased is the Almond Smooth Hands Hand Cream by L'Occitane.
This light but highly moisturising hand cream not only instantly hydrates my hands but unlike other hand creams I have tested out it does not leave behind an annoying powder residue or sensation.
Another selling point is that although it does have a light, clean almond scent (it reminds me of baby lotion in terms if scent) is that it does not leave a fragrance or taste on the hands which can be annoying if like myself you are partial to a crisp or two!

Are L'Occitane hand creams worth the hype?
Having not tested out the entire range my reply is of course limited but what I have tried out so far
has justified the mid range price tag but as I have re-purchased this a few times I think that speaks for itself.

Almond Smooth Hands Hand Cream by L'Occitane £8/30ml via L'Occitane - link