My MAC Archie's Girls order only landed on my doorstep a few hours ago so unlike most reviews the wear time of the products will be based on past experiences of the same formula.
To be brutally honest I don't find wear time all that important as we are all different and products all behave differently when worn on various skin tones and textures.
Anyway before I compose a ramble about wear time let's crack on with the mini review...

It seems the packaging of The Archie's Girls collection is dividing us into two camps, those who loathe the white and graphic print casing finding it crass and those like myself who are happy to see a little fun and whimsy injected into the brand.
The collection has been split into two sub categories: Betty and Veronica and has been themed as such.
All of the Betty products which tend to be more pink and muted in colour feature Betty and her blonde hair and the Veronica products which are deeper and more plum based have a cute little Veronica graphic.
Initially I was a little worried that the graphic print would be a sticker that would easily peel and fray with use but it is in fact printed onto the products so no need to worry about your purchases looking grubby after a few uses.
Love or loathe the design one thing is for sure that the collection will not stick around for long and is sure to sell out very quickly, the lipsticks always go first!

Speaking of lipsticks the one shade that has been toying with my lipstick loving emotions has to be Betty Bright which is of course a bright coral shade...what else would you expect from me?
MAC US ( as it has yet to launch on the UK site) list Betty Bright as a light vibrant peach and I have to disagree as this is most certainly a bright coral shade that has equal pink and orange leanings.
I find Betty Bright to have a yellow undertone so it should be suitable for most skin tones and I guess it is pretty similar to most of MAC's cult coral shades such as Ever Hip and Cut a Caper.
However I do want to mention that the deeper your skin tone the more neon and stark Bright Betty becomes.

Despite being a Satin finish I found this to be pretty creamy and comfortable on the lips and it doesn't hint that with continued wear that it would dry out the lips.
Typically I find Satin formulas to wear pretty well at around 3 hours per application but as I said earlier that is completely based on past experience and it subjective to the individual.
Fans of coral lips like myself will want to move fast and snap up this perfect summer shade before it sells out!

At the moment the MAC Archie's Girl collection is exclusive to Selfridges - link
but will creep onto MAC's web store and counters in the coming days.

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick £15.50/3g via Selfridges - link