Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ying Yu Pure Jade Facial Roller - Review

Today's post is a little different in that it's not your typical beauty product but anyone who suffers
from tension headaches every now and then will appreciate it.

If like myself you spend far too long trapped behind a computer screen (I'd love to pretend that most of it was work but in reality 90% of that time is spent fantasy purchasing items with my future lotto winnings)
you might find that occasionally you suffer from the odd headache.

I hate popping pills unless they are vitamins or really needed and will seek out natural alternatives
where ever possible and that is where this solid Jade Facial rollers comes in handy.
Not only can you roll this hand carved utensil over your temples to soothe painful points
but it a deep massaging tool that over time will naturally tighten the facial contours.

Pure Jade has been featured in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body's filtration organs 
and lymph system to expel toxins. 
By using the baby roller around the eye area you will aid lymph drainage, blood flow
and in turn eliminating dark circles, puffiness and plumping out wrinkles.
A reported fan is Kylie Minouge...if it's good enough for Kylie it's good enough for me!

Ying Yu Pure Jade Facial Roller* £25 via Cult Cosmetics - link

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  1. I suffer from the worst headaches ever so am always looking for a good alternative to popping pills especially when they don't seem to work and I have to seek and alternative method anyway. Might look into this or something like this xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  2. This sounds fab! My Nan always tells me that Jade is good for headaches (she's one of those precious stone type weirdos...) xx

  3. I saw this on beautybay i think~ but it was the green one i saw :) I love facial rollers and i think it does help with tissue drainage as sometimes i do feel that i have alot of water retention around my face and neck area when i wake up. I would love this product because it looks and feels luxurious, although i have a cheaper alternative which i purchased from Muji and it has little massaging bumps on it too. Thanks for sharing~ maybe one day i will splurge on this :) xxx

  4. ive never heard of this before but it looks very unique!:)

  5. This sounds fabulous I must try it - I wonder if it helps migraines too, my mum suffers from there continuously bless her and she loves when I massage her forehead so this could be a good alternative! Great review lovely!

    Eda x

  6. Oh Ive never tried one of these, but Im tempted too!


  7. I have been thinking about purchasing this for years now! I am still tempted....hmm maybe I'll treat myself!!


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