I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that we all have days in which we could do with shutting the world out,
turning off our phones and completely chilling out.
On such occasions which I would like to point out in my case are rare but do happen every few months or so I like to go for a hot shower, slip on my favourite PJ's, light Neom's Tranquility candle, pop into bed with a good book and forget about the outside world until the next morning.

I've chatted about candles and Neom several times but never quite gave the Tranquility scent 
all the accolade it quite deserves despite not being my typical scent preference I am a huge fan.
All Neom candles are made from vegetable wax and the scents are provided using only
pure essential oils which results in them burning cleaner (no soot) and being kinder to the lungs.
The Tranquility scent as you would imagine is Lavender (English Lavender rather than French as it is cleaner in scent) based but has is a little more special than your typical Lavender
with added notes of Basil and Sweet Basil to help take stop the fragrance being heavy.

My top tip is to light this candle an hour before you plan on getting into bed to allow it to fill the room
with it's sleepy notes but do blow it out before climbing between the sheets as you will nod of pretty instantly.
For added bliss light this candle for an evening dip in the tub, sink back and allow all your
stress and strives to melt away with the dreamy fragrance combined with the warm water!

Neom's Tranquility Candle from £15* via Neom - link