January is the month when we all deserve a little extra indulgence here and there
as we have survived the festive period and now have a good few cold and wet months to get through
before we are graced with warmer weather and hopefully a nice holiday to somewhere exotic!

To make the dark nights a little more bearable I can not recommend REN's Morrocan Rose Otto Bath Oil
enough, the scent is rich yet uplifting and reminds me of many a summer spent in the warm climes of Turkey.
I'm a recent convert to oils in general but do prefer lighter oil based products, ones that don't leave
a greasy residue or feel heavy on the skin yet hydrated and feel luxurious at the same time.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil is all of the above and more, to use you simply add a small amount
(half a cap full seems to be sufficient) to warm running water and allow the oil to disperse before
climbing in and drifting off to a place warmer than chilly Britain.
Not only does the beautiful rose scent create an relaxing ambiance but the added benefit of bath oils
is that they wrap the skin in a blanket of moisture, which is perfect for the tip of the year when dry skin
seems to be all the range thanks to central heating and countless layers of clothing!

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil* £30/100ml via Cult Cosmetics - link

(My dinky little bottle was from a Christmas gift set which is now discontinued)