Not only is Christmas pricey but the aftermath can be too if you aren't careful with all the sales that follow.
I try to tell myself that it's not a bargain despite how low in price it may be if you wouldn't buy it at full price.
Suffice to say I don't always follow my own advice but today I have been rather savvy and only spent 
a teeny tiny amount on the Space NK and thought I'd share a combination of my purchases
and what I may or may not go back for...

1, Doesn't this look like a cross between the new MAC Pro Lip Palettes and the limited edition Illamsaqua
Lip Palette that have launched in the last few months?
At £17 the price is slightly more pleasing though.
The Lip Palette by Kevyn Aucoin £17 via Space NK - link

2, I'm a fairly new fan girl of Laura Mercier so when I saw the Smokey Taupe Trio for a measly £10
I put it my basket without a second thought, after a quick Google of swatches I know it was a wise decision
as the shades will make for a perfect yet easy smoky eye look!
Laura Mercier Petite Eye Colour Trio £10 was £20 via Space NK - link

3, I do adore Diptyque scents, I have yet to find one that I do secretly want to splash out on instantly.
At the moment a good few Eau de Toilettes are on sale but I'm a little worried about blind buying
in case this happens to be overly floral but as it is Jasmine based I do think I will adore it!
I'm going to pop into Space NK in town and test this before purchasing though.
 Diptyque Olene Eau De Toilette 100ml £34 was £68 via Space NK - link

4, I have this little space in my heart and stash for ugly nail polishes.
Sometimes something can be so vile in colour it becomes beautiful...no just me that feels this way?
Well at £2.50 for a Rococo nail polish I doubt anyone who makes a spontaneous purchase
of this polish will loose any sleep over it.
Rococo Nail Polish in Peace Out £2.50 was £12 via Space NK - link

5, I recieved the Creme Brulee version of this Laura Mercier candle for Christmas and
have to say that it is giving my Diptyque candles a good run for their money.
Described as lemon, bergamot, cassis and warm crème fraiche, and blends it with delicious notes of whipped vanilla custard, baked pastry accord and velvety musky woods, I could pass it up! Yummy!

Laura Mercier Tarte Au Citron candle £17.50 was £35 via Space NK - link

6, I purchased Shu Uemura's Cream Eyeshadow in White as a base for smokey eyes and other eye creations, in the past I had been using NYX's Milk Pencil but couldn't really hand on heart say it was my holy grail white base. At £7.50 I think this is a complete snip as Shu Uemura is a consistently high
quality brand and for something I will use fairly frequently I couldn't be happier!
Shu Uemura's Cream Eyeshadow in White £7.50 was £19 via Space NK - link

7. Much like my next purchase this was bought to cast aside for the summer months when I have a tan
but would like a little coverage for those pesky blemishes.
Shu Uemura's Pro Gel Concealer is waterproof so perfect for those balmy days!
Shu Uemura's  Pro Gel Concealer £10 was £20 via Space NK - link

8, A premature purchase on my part but come summer I know I will thank myself for the earlier bird
move as nothing sets of a golden summer tan quite like a good khaki eye pencil!
At £7.50 for a beautiful golden yet olive green pencil by Shu Uemura it could have been a lot worse!
Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Metallic Khaki £7.50 was £16 via Space NK - link

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?