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NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette - Review

The idea of having several NARS blushes and a highlighter in one place was far too appealing for
me to skip on despite the reviews of the Foreplay Cheek Palette being less than glowing.
I blame the fact that I missed out on the Danmari offering from 2011 for the splurge.

The NARS Foreplay palette contains four pans of powder cheek products: three blushes
and one highlight, annoyingly online photos show the pans of said powders to be much larger than 
they are when in actual fact the largest is little larger than your typical NARS eyeshadow pan.
Basically you have one small sized pan and three tiny pans which can make application a little fiddly,
especially if like myself your preference is for larger blush brushes.
As the palette itself is pretty compact in size I guess something had to give?

So yes inside there is four shades, one supposedly being the ever famous NARS Orgasm blush.
I hate to split hairs but the Orgasm in this palette is not at all like my original full sized version,
this version is lighter more peach toned and has far more glitter not fine shimmer.
Truthfully it is more like Super Orgasm - a nice enough shade but not Orgasm...sorry!
The other three shades have been based on Orgasm so that they compliment one and other
should you want to mix some shades together or perhaps wear the highlight and a blush at the same time.

Shade break down and how each shade performed :

1 - Matte, deep peachy rose shade, close in shade to NARS Amour blush .
Such a shame that this is one of the smallest pans as it blends and applies like a dream
and gives a natural flushed look with a hint of red that does not sink into my open pores,
all the while keeping my oily cheeks in check!

2 - Matte, hot pink with strong blue undertones, closest in tone to NARS Desire or Mata Hari Blushes.
I found this shade to preform very similarly to the shade above but found it to be a little chalky,
yes it is well pigmented but it doesn't build all that well, which isn't good news for deeper skin tones.

3, Shimmer, bright yellow gold highlighter - no dupes via Nars.
An overly shimmer based yellow highlight that will not work with all skin tones,
best suited to medium deep - deep skin tones otherwise it may look a little bizarre.
I found the high volume of shimmer particles difficult to work with as they dispersed all over my face
not just to the targeted area thanks to product fall out.
Not great for those who have problems with fine lines or open pores.

4, Supposedly NARS Orgasm.
A glittery pink/peach blush that didn't blend all that well and sat on top of my skin
and looked a little off...I really don't know how else to explain it.
The glitter did it no favours as the base shade is nice enough but the large sparkly chunks
that again went everywhere really dragged this blush down.

Truthfully I can see why this palette hasn't been setting the cosmetic world alight,
the idea is great- four well coordinated blush shades from the NARS the execution just wasn't there.
I feel that should they have banished the tacky glitter elements this palette would have fared better
and perhaps the inclusion of the original Orgasm would have been a step in the right direction.
Basically save your money and buy the individual NARS blushes they are much superior
and worth every penny in my book!

What are your thoughts?

NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette £39.50 via ASOS - link

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  1. wowwo that looks perfect and stunning !

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. My blush brush definitely wouldnt fit in to that palette! It's a good idea, but I think ill stick to my full sized NARS products xx

  3. that is such a pretty nars palette, i love the shades!:)

  4. Oh the colours are gorge! Love a big brush for applying though so crazy conflict! x

  5. I was so tempted by this palette, but all the reviews I've read have been similar. I think I'd rather put my money towards a full-size NARS blusher that I love, rather than a palette that I won't get much use out of by the looks of it. :( The amount of glitter in the highlighter really puts me off!

    Great review. :)


  6. This could have been amazing, shame to hear that the products don't really fare well. xx

  7. I stay away from any makeup product that is glittery. Will pass on this one.

  8. Such a shame about the shades, I love the idea of getting to try lots of blushes from Nars. Oh well, guess I'll be saving up and making the difficult decision of choosing just one blush after all. x

  9. Oh J'adore!!

    I picked up Outlaw just after Christmas and love it!

  10. I was tempted by this palette when i first saw it on ASOS but when i saw it in real life, i thought that it was way too small. I understand that it must be great and compact for travelling with but i prefer my blush to be a little bit bigger to accomodate my fluffy blush brushes. The colours look quite pretty to be honest, but i would rather invest in a full sized blush. Thanks for sharing your reviews :) It was really interesting to read~ xxx

  11. I liked the danmari pallette way better! thanks for the really fantastic informing review! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  12. This is lovely, but £39.50? Ouch. I'll be giving this a miss. My bug bear (besides the price) is the size. I bought an Elizabeth Arden blush in the sale today and it was too small for my liking as well. MAC have it perfectly with the size of their blushes. x

  13. Ahhh that looks so good, oh dear my debit card is suffering😕

  14. Eu amei tudo !!! A Nars como sempre arrasa!

  15. It looks so pretty but it is definitely disappointing that the product didn't turn out to be that good. I have the Danmari palette which is really lovely!

  16. Ahhh i want the Danmari palette so badly, so gutted about it! I really liked the look of this one too but i already have the Nars Amour, Desire and Orgasm blushes so couldn't justify it! I didn't realise how yellow the highlighter is either so i'm quite glad i didn't impulse buy this time!
    Zoe |

  17. I love a blush palette and got excited to see this, but I don't think I'll bother!

  18. I really want to try NARS, especially the highlighters Ive heard so many amazing things


  19. Ooooh I really want this! Stunning!


  20. It seems a shame because it could have been fantastic!
    I have just started a blog and would love if you came to check it out!


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