Friday, January 04, 2013

3 Custom Color Clarifying Pencil - Review

If you are still a little less than perky since all of the New Year and Christmas festivities
and could do with a few sneaky tips and tricks to make January that little easier,
then you really need to brush off (or piece together) that debit card you swore you wouldn't use
again until at least April...oh well!

With the recent influx of nude eyeliners on the market it is difficult deciding which ones are worth the
purchase and which are best left alone, Rimmel do a great one but truthfully compared to the 3 Custom Color shade options they do seem a little stark in colour.
3 Custom Color Clarifying Pencil come in two colour options: light and medium
and also double up as a concealer when needed to be, who doesn't love a good multi-tasker?

The texture of the 3 Custom Color Clarifying Pencil's can be a little firmer than some eye liners 
you may be used to but if you give it a quick warm in-between your finger tips it will glide on with ease.
The reason you may find it a little firm is due to it being a wax based product which results in the liner
staying put all day even should you find yourself caught in a torrential Glaswegian down pour.
You can use this pencil however you like, to line, define and as a base to apply eyeshadows on top off
but rest at ease it will make your eyes look bigger, brighter and rid you of any signs of redness.

Snap one up now and thank me with your big Bambi eyes later!

3 Custom Color Clarifying Pencil* £13.50 via Cult Cosmetics - link
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  1. I love nude eyeliners! I got one from Bourjois in Sand rose!

  2. I like the shade of this one, you're right it doesn't seem as obvious as the Rimmel nude liner.


  3. Oh my, i need one for my waterline, the white one looks weird on me :D

  4. Three Custom Color makes great products. I tend to stay away from nude products on my waterline because I am always trying to make my big eyes look smaller rather than larger. I know that sounds strange but my eyes are just too big, ha!

  5. I love the way nude liner make your eyes look in the water line, this one sounds great!:)

  6. love the nude liners - also like white liners as well I will need to give this nude one a try

  7. I'm a proud owner of one of these, it's amazing - wouldn't use anything else on my waterline ;-)

  8. ooh that does sound good, but i do love my rimmel one and it is so affordable :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. I do like the Rimmel one, but sometimes it goes onto my lower lashes and just looks a little obvious and odd. This seems like a good one to check out! x

  10. I love nude eyeliners, I've had one from une for a while and it's not got long left so I might have to look into getting this one when it runs out :)
    Rosalie x


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