Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Staple Products #1

Why hello there new mini feature!
I enjoy monthly favourites but let's face it us beauty lovers are a fickle bunch and what is flavour of the week one week can be quickly forgotten about the next.
With that in mind I thought it would maybe be a good idea (we shall see how it pans out) to share on a weekly basis what I can not get enough of!

Rimmel Apocalips in Luna £5.99 via Boots - A no brainer for me since my local Superdrug launched these a few days early it is all I have been wearing on my lips. Luna is a beautiful bright glossy coral shade that has all the pigment of a lipstick coupled with the sheen of a lip gloss which equates to LOVE!
It seems we have all been going a little nutty for this new release as they are everywhere I look in the blogging world and rightly so too!

Kim's Kardazzle Palette* approx £14.50 via Khroma Beauty- I don't often use the face products in this palette but the array of perfect smoky eye hues of grey, silver and black take the fuss out of creating a dramatic eye look. Admittedly I don't reach for this for day time wear but the week that is now at an end it has had an outing three times which is pretty impressive for me.

La La Lashes in D'Orable* £6.99 via Eyes Bright- What do all smoky eye looks require? A good pair of falsies that is what! At the moment I have been going through a faux eyelash phases and really do rate La La Lashes in D'Orable as they are thick, full, fluttery yet light to wear and a breeze to apply!

Three Custom Color Light Clarifier Pencil* £13.50 via Cult Beauty - For day wear all I have been slicking on is lashes of mascara coupled with this eyeliner to open and brighten my eyes.
Before using this I was a huge fan of Rimmels Nude Scandal Eyes Liner but I find this shade (medium) to be far less stark and much more natural.

Jouer Moisture Tint £15* for four 5ml tubes via Cult Beauty - I've been quite fortunate this week and not had too many blemishes, so I more often than not opted for something a little more natural in terms of coverage for a base which was delivered in the form of Jouer Moisture Tint.
Jouer Moisture Tint is essentially a tinted moisturiser but I find the coverage to be a little more substantial 
and it is the one product that can deliver a natural dewy glow to my skin without looking oily.

Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paint in Greenberry* - This shade has yet to launch but I can not get enough of the bright yet not garnish green nail polish. It has a super glossy finish and is drop dead gorgeous with a tan or deep skin tones. A must for summer, snap a bottle up when it hits the stands on the 13th of February.

What have you been reaching for the most this week?

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  1. Really want to try the rimmel apocalips! Great post xo

  2. LOving the nail polish colour, its lovely and bright will be good for spring/summer :)

  3. Those eyelashes look great! xxx

  4. I need to get my hands on Apocalips! I've been reaching for my new No7 eyeshadow and blusher lots! x

  5. I can't wait for the release of the Barry M Gelly nail paint! Looks gorgeous! xx

  6. i love the colour of the barry m polish perfect for spring!:)

  7. I went to get the Apocalips the other day. Didn't have the colour I wanted! Ahhh!

  8. I have a sample of the Joued tm, makeup free day today may give it a try in the morning x

  9. I bought rimmel's apocalips in apocolips - a gorgeous spring/summer pink shade - and I was so tempted to get a barry m gelly in blueberry - love the greenberry one!

  10. I like Rimmel Scandaleyes in nude :D For me it's soooo natural.

    I would like to try Apocalips too, you know me U_u

  11. I can't wait to get my hands on the new gelly polishes! I have several at the moment. One coat and I'm done, no faffing with layers of polish to get an opaque finish. x

  12. Love these too! I'm not a fan of monthly favourites posts as I change from week to week too :D xox
    Gem xx | Miss Makeup Magpie

  13. I tried the apocalips but struggled to pick a colour I liked. Really like the texture and finish though...just need more choice of shades :-)

  14. I just got Apcolips yesterday and I love it too! I wasn't very daring and went for 'celestial' which is quite a natural pink but may have to go out and get some more shades :) Tastes yummy too don't you think?


  15. cannot wait for the new barry m releases and really like the sound of the Jouer tints! x

  16. I work at Superdrug and so have already had a sneak-preview of the gorgeous Greenberry, and have literally been mentally torturing myself trying not to even look at it and wait atleast another week before my next beauty splurge! All I've got to do then is stock back up on the good old Garnier gradual tan and I'll be pretending February in London is actually July in Barbados in no time!


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