Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pamper Me - The Hair Care Post

When it comes to my hair I am a simple creature, I believe less is more and like to keep hair care low key.
Sadly the UK's current weather situation seems to disagree and I have been left with a parched
mop of hair is nestling in a very dry top knot as we speak.

So what am I going to do?
Attack from all angles with various oils and deep conditioning treatments that's what!
Kicking off with a pre-shampoo treatment of Argania hair oil which is organic Moroccan Oil
which helps nourish even the driest of hair types, I do have to state that I find this oil a little heavy
to use in any other way than a pre-shampoo treatment.
To really up the ante I like to follow up with the matching Argania shampoo and conditioner,
I find the vanilla fragrance of this line a little hard to resist.

At the moment the Argania products aren't quick enough to quench my hairs thirst so I have been
pulling out the big guns one of which is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle which may have a bubblegum
fragrance but my goodness it is one of the best deep conditioners ever!
If you have super dry hair like myself I recommend leaving this on the hair a little longer than 3 minutes -sometimes I leave it on for up to any hour or while watching a DVD and lord it up with my soft soft hair afterwards, speaking of DVDs, I found a great website where you can make money from your DVDs, by selling them at Take a visit to help collect those pennies for a beauty splurge! 

Now I am about to let you in on my hair secret weapon so keep it close to your chest!
If like myself you have not been blessed with poker straight sleek hair nor glorious curls
and reside somewhere in the middle you need a bottle of Moroccan Oil's Intense Curl Cream.
This thick cream not only transforms hair from a frizzy mess into soft, glossy waves or curls depending on your hair type but because it is packed with Moroccan Oil it also helps to repair and adds a highly glossy sheen without weighing down the hair.
If you have straight or wavy hair and hate the chore of keeping it straight stock up on this now!

What are your hair care secrets?

Products Mentioned
Argania Hair Oil 100ml/£14.99 via Boots - link
Argania Shampoo 250ml/£7.99 via Boots -link
Argania Conditioner 250ml/£7.99 via Boots -link
Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle 250ml/£4.99 via Boots - link
Moroccan Oil's Intense Curl Cream* 300ml/£22.85 via Hair Trade - link

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  1. i am obsessed with the aussie 3 minute miracle, its one of my holy grail products my my hairs in a bade state!!:)

  2. Why are you telling me about this amazing intense curl cream? I need it now! Bah :( haha sounds absolutely brilliant :) I'm definitely a sad wave/frizz girl. Always after those glamorous shiny curls/waves. Never happens haha. Pity it's so expensive. Do you know of anything similar for a slightly smaller price...? :) x

  3. My hair type sounds the same as yours.. I have this exact curl cream and I find that it straightens my hair enough that I don't need straighteners but also leaves it with volume as well? Plus it doubles up as a hand cream after you've finished putting it in your hair :)))) xx
    Gem xx | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I've always loved Aussie's 3 minute miracle, but here in the US they changed it slightly...I know because I use to LOVE the scent, and it's different now unfortunately. Still good, but not the same as it use to be. And I NEED to get my hands on some Moroccan Oil, just haven't found a salon near me yet that sells it. xx

  5. The Aussies products are just amazing and such good value for money!

  6. oh wow, love the sound of the morrocan oil curl cream, sounds lovely! x

  7. I think Moroccan and Argan oil are a bit over rated, but I love Aussie products and like someone mentioned earlier they're great value especially when they are on offer!
    Fashion Ganache.

  8. I would love to use this hair care product that keeps my hair shiny and vibrant and rich in color and a healthy scalp.

  9. Wow thanks for the tip off about the Moroccan Intense Curl Cream, I'll be getting one of those now! x

  10. These hair care products all sounds amazing. Among here I want to try Moroccan Oil's Intense Curl Cream on my hair to getting curly hair style.

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