Having a barnet full of waves that fluff into a ball of frizz at the first signs of heat, humidity or damp
is less than fun and even less so is seeking out products that help to calm and smooth my hair.
When I was sent the Vo5 Smoothly Does It collection to trial it really was a case of what do I have to loose
and the answer is of course nothing but I did gain a few new staple frizz taming products along the way.

I must stress that I am not new to the re-branded Vo5 collection and have tried all of the shampoo's 
and conditioners within the range over the last year.
Yes they do a good enough job but in reality they are pretty average and typical of a high street brand offering, good value for money yes but not astounding enough to make me down tools 
and chuck out my beloved Ojon purchases in favor of it.

For me the stand out products within the collective are: Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme, 
a light non sticky balm that acts like a serum to smooth and seal the hairs cuticle while wet.
It works with heat rather than against is so when you blow dry and straighten the hair you are left with highly shiny, straight hair without any signs of frizz, all the while protecting the hair from heat.
My other recommendation has to be Smoothly Does It Tame and Shine Spray that use like any other
heat protectant product, on dry hair before applying heat.
Unlike other products of this kind Smoothly Does It Tame and Shine Spray does not leave the hair sticky, tacky or limp and greasy, it protects the hair from damage all the while adding a dazzling shine
that is weight free and actually prevents frizz from rearing its ugly head throughout the day.

For those that like to style their hair with heat there is the Smoothly Does It  Styling Spray that I found paired well with curling tongs to provide big bouncy curls that did not go stiff.
Speaking of curls for frizz free curls you may want to invest in Smoothly Does It Curl Defining Mousse
which defines, prevents frizz and is weight free not to mention non sticky.

If like myself you are prone to frizzy hair the Vo5 Smoothly Does It Range* is worth a look 
as it is low priced (the shampoo and conditioner starts at 99p) but effective which is what really matters!

You can fine Vo5 Smoothly Does It Range in all good drug stores (Boots, Superdrug)
and in most supermarkets.