I will level with you all and say I haven't been really keeping up to date with MUA and other high street
brands, over Christmas I became a little jaded with the hustle and bustle of the high street
and more often than not decided to online shop for pretty much everything.
Well I'm glad to say that brands such as MUA have reignited my spark for high street brands with their little
concealer palette, fluffy nail kits and setting sprays.
Yay for budget brands!

The MUA Pro Base Conceal & Brighten Kits come in three shade families and having seen them in store
I have to be honest and say that shades do not vary all that much and there is not a palette for those with
deep skin tones which is a shame.
Hopefully 2013 will be the year we see UK brands pull up their socks and offer every complexion
a shade match not just us with light to medium skin tones...here's hoping!

Each palette contains three large pans of product, two concealers and one highlighting cream.
I picked up the MUA Pro Base Conceal & Brighten Kit in the shade Beige-Golden which isn't really my ideal match but the others happened to be too light or pink toned.
In the Beige- Golden line up there is a light nude highlight, a light tan concealer and a ruddy toned brown
concealer that is far to pink based for me to use it for anything else other than a cream blush.
Shade wise I'm not all that impressed but with the three pans at least you can blend shades together
to form something more suited to your skin tone.

Formula wise the concealers and highlight are creamy, light and easy to apply and blend out.
The give moderate coverage but are slightly more slippery than I am used to so I do recommend using
a powder to set and prevent slip throughout the day.
The highlighter is not at all shimmer based but one that you would use to add light to the face when
contouring and highlighting, in fact I do feel that someone a little lighter skinned than myself could use this
palette to sculpt and define instead of forking out on pricey cream sculpting products.
I know it doesn't exactly sound like I enjoyed this palette but I did and really hope for a few deeper
additions so I can use them to fake Kim Kardashian style cheek bones...okay a girl can dream!

MUA Pro Base Conceal & Brighten Kits are currently £2.50 and available at selected Superdrug
stores and via the MUA Store - link