Anyone who is prone to the dreaded winter colds and flu's really should invest in a facial hydration mist
of some sort to help cool and bring down a raised temperature naturally without the mess of a wet flannel.
At the moment I myself and my yucky cold have been testing out Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist, which dispenses a fine cooling mist loaded with natural ingredients and hydrating hyaluronic acid.
Not only can you use it to cool the skin, rain or shine but it can be used to fix and refresh make-up
and as a toner to ensure your face is squeaky clean.

Some facial mists can be a little too wet and melt off my make-up but as this has a super fine spray dispenser you can go ahead and spray this over a full face of make-up without any worry even 
non-waterproof mascara.
Scent wise Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist has a slightly spicy scent which is due to the
Neorli ingredient but worry not I have tested this on my entire family (everyone loves a good cooling spray)
and it hasn't irritated anyone's skin and that included young, sensitive and a case of eczema skin types.
Due to the addition of hyaluronic acid even the driest skins will find this mist hydrating and enjoyable to use.

Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist £20/60ml  - link