Over the last year and a half you may have seen me mention the now iconic Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb
perfume but I have never sat down and typed out my thoughts on this floral fusion.

Before 2011 I avoided floral scents like the plague and tended to go for fruity scents
but one day while pursuing the beauty halls I absent-mindedly sprayed out what I then deemed the oddest
bottle of perfume I had seen...a bomb shaped bottle, how bizarre?
However one little spray of this truly divine floral scent and I was hooked on the spot,
needless to say I left the store it was that day with the largest bottle of Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb.

How would I describe Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb?
Without going into top notes it is quintessentially the most feminine, seductive and refreshingly different
floral scent I have tested or worn for that matter, it skips the powdery notes that so many floral fragrances
rely on and is the perfect blend of rose, vanilla and violet.
Very sweet yet sexy at the same time, essentially a walk in a meadow at sundown in the summer.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb EDP 30ml/50ml/100ml - £48/£65/£90 via House of Fraser - link