Make-up counters can be a little daunting with pushy sales assistants, broken testers
and super bright lightening.
Over the years I have picked up lots of tips when it comes to in-store sampling to hopefully make cosmetic
shopping for some a little easier.
My top tip is to never buy anything there on the spot even of you adore the shade once swatched
go outside and view it in the natural light as the shade artificial lighting may show you is 
often very different from reality!

Contrary to belief that the jaw line is the best place to swatch foundations, believe it or not the neck
is the where you want to apply the shade that you think matches you the best,
then reach for one shade deeper and one shade lighter.
The colour swatch that disappears into the skin is the shade for you, don't be afraid to step outside
into the natural light to judge properly...better to look a loon once that what around with a tide mark
for months on end!

The rules for concealer are pretty much similar but you want to apply the swatches to the back of your wrist,
you are looking for the most natural match as possible but truthfully one concealer is not all that suited
to the entire face - for the under eye reach for a liquid that has pink undertones to counteract the blue
tones of dark circles and for blemishes aim for a cream based concealer that is yellow in tone.

Setting Powders
Every one should own one true Translucent powder by this I mean a snow white powder that completely
disappears once on the skin, some drugstore brands do offer Translucent powders that are more orange
than anything else, avoid those like the plague!
Look for true white powders be they pressed or loose and gently brush on to the back of your hand with your finger tips if it disappears completely and doesn't feel heavy/cakey on the skin snap it up!

Don't you dare swipe one of those nasty germ infected lipstick testers anywhere near your lips
and while we are at it don't let anyone on a make-up counter attack you with one, they may use a lip brush but who knows where the tester has been to prior that...yuck!
The easiest way to determine how a lipstick will appear on your lips is to apply a little colour to your fingertips as this is the place on your body that best mimics your natural lip colour.
Odd yes but I've just saved you getting herpes of the lip haha!

The same rules apply for lip gloss as they do lipstick but I recommend applying to your middle finger
and using your thumb to mimic a smacking movement that way you can determine just how sticky/tacky
the lip gloss will be on the lips.

Blush and Eyeshadows
If you look closely at samples of pressed powder products in stores such as blushes and eyeshadows you will see that the in most the centre of the pan will be deeper in colour and have a shiny film.
That my dear friends is the oil from various people dipping their fingers in so if you swatch there and then
you will not have a true representation of the shade.
For powder products to get a true idea of the colour I suggest swatching on the back of your arm.
The best thing to do is to scrape a little of the yucky film off, then swatch using a fresh patch of colour.
Just don't let the shop assistants catch you I doubt they enjoy this method haha!

Under no circumstances do you apply a mascara tester to your eyelashes, even if there is disposable spoolies
at hand you have no idea if anyone has double dipped and an eye infection is never sexy!
Truthfully without applying a mascara there really is no way of telling if you will like it or not
and as you have no idea how long a tester has been open for you can't really judge the formula.
I'm afraid when it comes to mascara your best bet is to read as many online reviews of whatever mascara
that grabs your attention and pray that it works for you.

One of the easiest products to test in-store, simply draw a line on your arm or back of hand 
and judge the formula that way.
You are looking for creamy yet well pigmented pencil liners that do not tug or pull on the skin, for liquid liners you are searching for something that gives a good sharp line, has good pigmentation, dries quickly without bleeding and does not alter in shade once dry.

Do you have any make-up shopping tips?