Like most I would love long, thick black eyelashes but sadly I have long, mid in tone, sparse eyelashes
I guess one out of three things is a start eh?
Part of my problem is I neglect my eyelashes and other than a daily slick of mascara I do nothing else
to promote the upkeep and general well being of those odd little hairs that frame our eyes so wonderfully.

One of the many products I have been trialing in the hope of giving that doe eyed creature Bambi a run for his money is the Mavala Fabulous Lashes Duo which comprises of a creamy fiber enriched mascara
and double lash serum.
I'm pretty new to Mavala as a make-up brand and much more familiar with their polishes
what I will say is to look beyond the slightly early 90's feeling packaging, 
after all it is what's inside that really counts.

Mavala Creamy Mascara

Despite the wand getting a little clogged at the tip (nothing a quick little wipe won't fix) I adore the style
and shape of it, the curve combined with natural not rubber bristles grips and pulls the lashes into a 
beautiful natural curl, lengthening and defining as it goes.

As my eyelashes are pretty fine I find it difficult to source a mascara that doesn't clump after one coat
or weigh my eyelashes down but Mavala Creamy Mascara gives me added volume, length and definition
in one quick coat that is the perfect choice for day time wear.

Another problem I often have due to my oily lids is that mascara can smudge and smear all over my under eye are but I can report that after using this for just over a month that I have yet to experience that problem
and as a side note this does not flake and is pretty resilient in the rain too!

Mavala Double Lash Serum 

Out of the two items in the duo this was the one I was most excited to try as I have a little obsession
with eye lash serums but have yet to find one that grants me all the miraculous claims on the box.

Mavala Double Lash Serum is a once a night brush on serum that you apply to clean lashes 
and leave to work it's magic over night, it aims to strengthen, lengthen and thicken the eyelashes in 3 weeks.

I have now used this for 3 weeks and although I have not noticed any visible length or thickness to
my bare lashes I do have admit that they don't shed as often and look a whole lot better with mascara on
prior to not applying the serum.

Personally I believe my expectations for products of this nature are too high, I am forever living in hope
that one day after using a serum, lotion or potion that I will awaken to long fluttery eyelashes
or Rapunzel like hair...setting myself up for a fall as I like to call it.
Despite using it for 3 weeks on a nightly basis there is still plenty of product to be had so I think i'll continue to trial it and update you with my progress in the coming weeks?

Mavala Fabulous Lashes Duo £17 via The Hut* - link