On chilly snowy nights like tonight what more is there to do than slip into some snugly pajamas
and relax with a heavenly scented candle to create a little winter warmth?
The latest addition to my ever growing candle collection is Sanctuary's Spa Classic Fragranced Candle
which is a blend of sparkling citrus notes, bergamot & jasmine, followed by a sensuous combination of vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood. It's crisp yet warm and clean at the same time, it is one of the few scents I could happily burn all year round without becoming fed up of the fragrance.

In terms of scent throw this is not the most powerful fragranced candle I own but it does happily fill a room
with it's light almost fruity scent within an hour or two and lingers for a good few hours once extinguished.
If you like the sound of this candle now is the time to get yourself down to Boots as it is free with any purchase/s from the Sanctuary's Spa collection of £10 and over!

Sanctuary's Spa Classic Fragranced Candle £9.50 via Boots - link