Today I have lots of new Barry M product launches to share with you all kicking of.f with the new
waterproof liners!
Hitting the shelves on the February 13th  for Superdrug and February 20th  for Boots,
products will also launch on on February 13th .

So launching on the above dates is a trio of waterproof gel liners in three very werable shades: 1, Black - a staple true black, 2, Silver - metallic but not as brash as other brands silver offerings, 3, Champagne - metallic but again not overly so and a beautiful mix of silver and gold.
With metallic eye colours set to be huge in the coming months Barry M have found an easy and affordable way to tap into such trends!

Each dinky tub of eyeliner comes with a small and surprisingly well made brush which is concealed within the lid of the packaging so you can apply or touch up your liner on the go!
I have found that you can wear the liners in the traditional sense but you can also apply them
in the same way you would wear cream eyeshadow and as they are waterproof they make great bases to
apply powder eyeshadow on top off!

Texture wise they are very soft so they are really easy to apply and blend,
although soft they do dry fairly quickly, not so quick that you have to rush application
but in a timely fashion so you do not end up with smudges of eye liner everywhere!
I have to be truthful and state that the Barry M Gel Liners are best applied in a thin layer
as I have found them to dry to a rough, flaky finish when applied heavily.
The waterproof claim was also put to test with my eyes constantly watering due to a cold,
on my waterline after around an hour there was no liner left but on my top and bottom lash line
it stayed put for around 6 hours, i'd imagine in the rain they'd hold up pretty well too.
All in all a great budget gel liner that comes in three great shades and wears just as well if not 
better than quite a few others out there.

When launched the Barry M Waterproof Gel Liners* will retail for £4.59 each.