I am forever being asked how I get so much done and the truth is I really don't sleep all that well,
I'm not an insomniac but I do struggle to wind down, relax and shut off completely.
When i'm in bed I get antsy and think about what I could be doing rather than sleeping,
as a result I am forever on the look out for bed time products that will help me unwind.

My newest addition to the family of sleep promoting products I have stashed on my bedside table is Sanctuary Sleep 4 in 1 Restoring Body Elixir, essentially an oil product for use on the hair and body.
Up until now I have not been the biggest advocate of oil products that you don't rinse off or shampoo out 
but for this product I make an exception!
Not only does the Sanctuary Sleep 4 in 1 Restoring Body Elixir smell truly "dreamy" without being heavy on the lavender notes but using the oil is a blissful and relaxing treat, just what you need before popping into bed without being a heavy or sticky oil product.

Not only can the oil be used in four various ways hence the 4 in 1 claim : you can use it on wet hair, damp skin as a moisture boost, as a massage oil or splash a few drops to a warm bath.

However adding to the quartet theme is the four essential oils that blend together to form the oil:
coconut, sweet almond, sesame and olive oil which soften, soothe and moisturise the hair, scalp and skin. The fragrance is made up of notes of Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli to help calm, reduce tension and help you drift off to sleep.

Anyone looking for a miracle cure to sleepless nights will be left disappointed with this product but for those like myself who simply find it hard to wind down then this is a great addition to a night time routine.
I like to either use it as an all over body moisturiser or apply it to my pulse points before settling into bed at night and have found it to be effective in reducing tension, stress and aiding me in unwinding.
As odd as this may sound but I have found this to be great at preventing travel sickness when used as a fragrance oil again on my pulse points so that may be something to bear in mind?

Sanctuary Sleep 4 in 1 Restoring Body Elixir 100ml/£8.25 via Boots - link