Friday, January 25, 2013

Eyelash Glue Struggles?

I don't wear false eyelashes all that often but every now and then it is nice to stick on a pair of falsies
and flutter those lashes like a deranged least that's what I do anyway.
Well there is one problem myself and eyelash glue do not see eye to eye (I do enjoy a terrible pun),
most eyelash glues leave my eyes streaming, blood shot and painful, I've mentioned this to a few people
and the general consensus seemed to be that I'm allergic to latex...only I'm not, unless it's an allergy
that only affects the skin on my eyes?

Anyway to cut a long story short I've tried lots of eyelash glues with no avail until I bought Revlon's Precision Lash Adhesive which not only doesn't sting my eyes but it has to be one of the easiest to use eyelash glues ever thanks to its super fine brush, no mess, no fuss, no pain, what more could you want?
No here is where I look like an idiot, this formula is latex free which is what most think I'm allergic too
despite me saying I'm not yet it is one of the only glues I can use...odd that isn't it haha!

I bought the black version by accident which I thought would be a nightmare but surprisingly the black glue gives a liner effect and if you line your lids once you have applied eyelashes it really won't make any difference to you. Not all white glues dry clear anyway so if that has been a problem for you in the past pick up this version and see how you get on.

Do you struggle with eyelash glue too?

 Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 5ml/£5.19 via Superdrug - link

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  1. That's odd that you're not allergic but it affects your eyes.
    My skin on my arm goes red raw if I get latex on my arm (special effects business, not something I do for fun lol) but eyelash glue is fine...?! Odd!
    This sounds like a good little buy x

  2. The lashes in that photo look gorgeous. I'm allergic to latex and used to have problems with lash glue until i realised lash glue contained latex, oops. I then tried the one mentioned in this post and i'm fine!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Most eyelash glues are fine for my eyes, I used to wear falsies most day and I was fine but I find the cheaper ones are now starting to slightly irritate my eyes meaning I've stopped using them but it looks like I will have to give this a try! I rarely have a problem with revlon!x

  4. I love this eye lash glue! I love the ease of application. I prefer it much more so than DUO & benefits glues which are in tubes!

    I have the white glue and it turns a slight blue-ish colour when it's ready to apply but dries clear. I also have one I got in SuperDrug here in Dublin....I think it's called "Girls with Attitude" very similar and I think it's latex free too! I bought a new No7 lash glue recently which I'm dying to try out!

  5. eyelash glue stings my eyes horrendously too. I was using one from Sallys because it was less stingy but it wasn't much better either, i'm not allergic to latex either i don't think.. but you riase a good point!
    This looks like it could be saviour for those eyelash rush nights. And black too, revelation!

    :) xx

  6. I used to use eyelash glue from Hong Kong which only lasted about 4 hours without the eyelashes popping off. I use an Eyelure one now which is under £3.00 and it's the best yet. I might give this a try though :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  7. This sounds fab, I'm forever looking for a good eyelash glue :) xx

  8. Aha funnily enough my mates were all recommending this to me at the weekend, they love it!

  9. I really need this, I always struggle with eyelash glue!


  10. I really need to try this! xxx

  11. My sister is allergic to latex but she has no reaction when she has eyelashes on really strange! She has bad reactions if it touches her anywhere else. She reacts with most adhesives especially elastoplast, I wonder why her eyes don't react x

  12. wish I could apply false lashes! :( x

  13. Most latex "allergies" are actually contact sensitivities so it seems reasonable that they might vary according to location. My worst reaction was when my dentist used latex gloves and my upper lip went scarlet, sore and weirdly flakey. Lovely. It also turns out that my slight sensitivity to kiwi fruit (they give me a red lipliner effect, very glam) is the same chemical. Weird but quite cool.

    I'm excited that this is both latex-free and black. Y'know, in case I can ever be bothered to wear false eyelashes.

  14. I need to try this, I'm currently using Duo but the nib means I put wayyyy too much glue on the lashes and end up in a gloopy mess! X

  15. i always struggle with the ammount of eylash glue, the duo one is good, gonna try this one next!:)


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