I couldn't leave you all hanging with just one review today of the newest launches from Rimmel which so far have been pretty amazing - have you seen the Apocalips Lip Laquers (- review linkyet? 
Or Rimmel's new eyelid primer ( - review link )which is a most welcome addition to the UK high street?
Well today I have one more Rimmel launch for you in the form of their newest eye product -
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks!

Annoyingly my local Boots store is teeny tiny, I'm talking one till and about three cosmetic stands in total
so although there is five shades within the range I was only able to pick up one to test out.
The Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks are essentially a follow on product from the Scandaleyes eye liners
only these are large, jumbo and chunky pencils of cream eyeshadow.
To me the Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks remind me of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and much like those I am afraid you do have to sharpen the product eventually which fills me with dread.
With sharpening you waste so much product and as these are cream shadows sharpening is never wise.

So yes five shades in total which range from bright, bold shades such as blue and purple to staple shades such as a shimmering ivory and black, all the way through to a neutral bronze.
I of course have 003 Bad Girl Bronze which is a deep almost ruddy, brown bronze that has a slight red leaning and contains tiny particles of silver glitter, the glitter is teeny tiny and does not present any problems to the eye are whatsoever.
Although not identical in tone this does remind me of Maybelline's Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze
so this may be a shade looking into if you are looking for something similar.

As the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks are presented in pencil form you have all the control and ease of a pencil eyeliner, allowing for easy and precise application.
Much like all cream eyeshadows the Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks are multi-purpose - you can use them as an base/primer, apply all over for a wash of colour or of course wear it as an eyeliner.
The texture of the  Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks are soft, creamy and light, superbly pigmented all the while being easy to blend.
I found that they glided onto the skin with such ease but due to their slippery texture you do have to use a primer or some kind of base before application.
Without a primer I found the formula to slip and crease fairly easy but once primed and particularly when worn with powder eyeshadows I experienced no problems and found it to stay in place for close to 8 hours 
on my oily eye lids. 
So yes they do fall a little flat of the 24 hour wear claim but I can not dispute the waterproof aspect.

All in all a nice addition to the Rimmel line up and I can imagine that for those that love the likes of NYX's
Jumbo Pencils the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks will be welcomed with open arms.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bad Girl Bronze 3.25g/£5.99 via Boots - link
and most Rimmel stockists such as Superdrug.