MAC Cranberry is very much having a moment in the beauty world and has been appearing in many
a beauty bloggers favourites but the post that cemented my need for MAC Cranberry was this one - link.
Although in Swedish it suddenly made me crave the deep red bronze tones of MAC Cranberry
but for an eyeshadow I will very seldom use it just didn't seem to be sensible to dust of the plastic
and purchase on a whim so I routed around my stash and yup you have guessed it, I own similar shades!

In my stash I found shades that have curbed my desire for MAC Cranberry some of which are limited edition but a quick route around my stash has proven that most shades are dupable.
I stumbled across NARS California which I can not find online but is supposedly a favourite of the Olsens,
MAC De-Vil an unused shade from 2009 that has a strong orange tone.
My favourite has to be Sisley Copper Touch - link which is the most beautiful deep red gold multi-purpose cream product and last but in no way least Me Me Me Eye Dew Pot in Autumn Smoulder - link which is the deepest shade by far and the perfect edition to a smoky eye look.

We are now half way through January and I'm doing rather well with my use more and spend less resolution
but every now and then I do feel tested and urged on by beautiful products...don't we all?
It occurred to me that if I want my dream house then it is time to prioritise and red bronze eyeshadow
really doesn't rank all that highly on my said list.
Where am I going with this? I don't really know but I leave you with these ponderings "A fool and his money is easily parted" and as a side note I want my blonde hair back!

Are you a fan of deep red bronze eyeshadows and are you trying to spend less in 2013?