Multi purpose balms are something every beauty junkie should try at least once at some point,
they are great to carry around to instantly moisturise any dry area of skin not to mention
most tend to make for the best lip balms I have ever experienced.

One of the newest multi purpose balms on the beauty block is Organic Surge's Million Dollar Balm
which is a super thick true beauty balm that does have to warmed with the hands before use
but once heated it turns to a light nourishing substance that can be applied anywhere for instant hydration
and a soothing sensation.

Some balms I tend to reach for can be a little sticky such as Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream
and not something I apply to my face but the Organic Surge Million Dollar Balm
has a lighter when warmed texture that makes it ideal for use anywhere including the hands and face.
I really like using it on my feet coupled with cotton socks and a good nights sleep so when I awaken
my little tootsies are baby soft and ready to ditch those winter boots...a girl can only plan ahead!

Oddly my favourite things about the Organic Surge Million Dollar Balm is the scent,
oh my goodness is it delightful and not at all medicinal with a sharp, zingy lime fragrance
which occurs thanks to the addition of natural lime oil.

If you are looking for an all round comforting balm that truly can be used anywhere look no further.

Organic Surge Million Dollar Balm* currently half price at £11.25/30ml via Organic Surge - link