I'm a terrible sufferer of puffy eyes not because I spend all my days crying (sob,sob)
but because I never seem to manage a full nights sleep.
Every night for the last few years something or other wakes me up and as a result I end up
with the level of puffy eyes that a soap actress could only dream off.

One thing that I have found to work and quickly to is Dr Nick Lowe Skin Solutions Puffy Eyes Gel,
it soothes, cools and deflates any sign of puffiness all the while firming the delicate eye area.
Despite being branded a gel I would have to disagree and state that  Dr Nick Lowe Skin Solutions Puffy Eyes Gel is more of  a light serum that is non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin.

A combination of caffeine and chamomile soothe, tone and freshen up the skin disguising signs of fatigue,
I'm not really one to notice firming actions within skin care but as soon as you apply the gel to the eye area
you can feel it go to work instantly making it my Monday morning pick.
If you like to party away your weekends you will be more than thankful for this cooling eye cream
the day after and it is great for slicking on during long haul flights too!

 Dr Nick Lowe Skin Solutions Puffy Eyes Gel* £15.49/15ml via Boots - link.