Monday, January 07, 2013

NYC Spring 2013

Today's products are so new to the UK that I don't have any prices to hand but I wouldn't worry
as NYC is fairly budget friendly with nothing in the entire NYC collection being more expensive than £5.
Spring 2013 sees NYC launch Expert Wear Lip Colours, new shades of the City Mono Eyeshadows
and one of the chunkiest mascaras I have ever encountered thus far - NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara.

I was sent three of the new NYC Expert Wear Lip Colours and found them to be mostly well pigmented with the excpetion of the lighest shade - Candy Rush which gives more of a pearl finish than colour to the lips but the other two provide wonderful colour pay off with Air Kiss being a pretty close dupe for MAC's
Girl About Town for a fraction of the price.
The third shade I have is Red Rapture which is a pretty original red, it has blue undertones
but can translate slightly plum on the lips, very different to anything I own.
The  NYC Expert Wear Lip Colour formula is light, creamy with a candy type scent and I found
the deeper shades to wear for just over two hours.

As mentioned two new shades of the City Mono Eyeshadows by NYC will launch very soon:
Pink Whisper - a light. metallic pearlescent pink that makes a great highlight shade and is very appropriate for the romantic trends we see every Spring.
The other shade is Guess Who? which is a matte black scattered with silver glitter and is not all that dissimilar to MAC's Blacktied only this is slightly weaker in pigmentation.
Truthfully NYC do lip products a little better than they do eyeshadows but if you use a decent primer
they are passable but with all make-up ranges some products are always better than others.
In terms of wear with a primer I find they crease around the 5 hour mark on my oily eye lids.
For £1.79 each it really is a case of you get what you pay for in this case.

Perhaps my favourite product from the new releases has to be the huge chunk of a mascara that is
NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara, in all honesty I am a little snobbish when it comes to mascara
and don't tend to buy that many drugstore mascaras as they often disappoint.
NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara despite appearing a little daunting due to it's huge wand is actually
a rather great mascara, not too wet nor dry, it lengthens and adds volume without smudging or smearing
throughout the day and reminds me of a typical Maybelline mascara only much cheaper.

NYC Spring 2013* will roll out nationwide in the coming weeks.


  1. People usually have NYC down as a 'cheap tacky' type of brand and it does my brain in! I love this post and i can't wait to try out some of their new products. x

    1. I know what you mean! I cannot wait to get my hands on that mascara :)

  2. Think I might have to try out these lipsticks! Thanks for sharing :)

    S xx

  3. Wow. I always see NYC products and never pick them up! Those lipsticks look absolutely amazing!

  4. those lipsticks are so opaque and pretty, cant wait to try them in the spring!:)

  5. Very tempted to try out the Mascara, and the lipstick colors look amazing :)

  6. The mascara looks amazing! xx

  7. My first purchase of NYC was at the weekend when i bought a nail polish. I'm mighty impressed and i shall be saving my money by trying more of their products. I also can't wait to nap that mascara. Mascara's always dry out fast no matter the price so buying a cheapy but a goodie shall make me smile.
    Jules x

  8. The lipsticks look lovely. I really like how you've laid the photos out in this post too :)


  9. I wish we could NYC here in Pakistan. If we do find these products through some facebook sellers its usually 3 times the original price ;(

  10. Those lipsticks look great! I love how good value for money NYC products are. Great post!

  11. I love those lipsticks, the color looks really nice and pretty pigmented. I once tried an older version of NYC lipstick and kinda loved the matte feeling, but it was a little sticky back then..


  12. These are amazing I can't wait till they come out! I especially like the look of the fuchsia pink and red lipsticks and mascara! xx

  13. Your lashes look so good there, might have to pick that mascara up, i don't usually take much notice of brands like nyc but they always seem to have some gems in their collections. I love the lip colours too!

    Zoe |

  14. The lipsticks look amazing!! They look so pigmented, may have to try them out :)

    Anna xx

  15. I don't think I'll pick up the curl mascara, it looks like it clumped your lashes together, pass.

  16. How gorgeous are them lipsticks.

    KateM @ Sparkle Dust


  17. These lipsticks look really pigmented and pretty might have to try some of them out!
    I have a blog and it would be awesome if you could check it out!

  18. I love the look of those lipsticks, so pigmented and cheap!

  19. wow, I love the lipsticks! the red is definitely on my list :)

  20. Those lipsticks look amazing!! I'm definitely going to get my hands on those :)

  21. Not a brand I'm overly interested in, but the colours of the lipsticks are great!


  22. I'm already has a lipstick color called air kiss. It's more of a red color.

  23. The lipsticks look super pigmented


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