I simply can not get enough of oil products at the moment and fortunately for me neither can my skin.
A good portion of my winter must haves are oil based which is pretty surprising given
my struggle with the texture of oily based products but needs must and the trick for me at least
is to source products that are light and transform to an milky emollient at first contact of water.

At the moment I am house sitting for a family member so that means that once again I get to indulge a little
with my beloved REN Rose Otto Bath Oil, later this year when I move home I can assure you that I will be
purchasing the full size version of this wonder product as a matter of urgency!
Truly you can beat the winter blues with a warm bath, a few drops of this oil and a good book...bliss.

My other favourite oil based bath and body product has to be L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil,
I can as much as promise you that should you even purchase this light nut scented moisturising shower treat
that you will end up hooked for life and will refuse to be without it, I know that is my current predictment.
I enjoy that it packs the skin with moisture, lightly scents, foams ever so slightly and does not leave behind
a greasy film on the skin unlike so many other oil based products.

Okay so Origins Clear Improvement Mask doesn't slot into the oil based theme of this post but I will be slapping it on my face with merry abandonment today just as I have done for the last few weeks in a bid
to clear my pores once and for all and to prevent my skin from producing excess sebum.
As someone who has troublesome skin I find this mask to be quite the savior and urge all my fellow
oily skinned chica's to pick up a tube and never look back!

Myself and Clarins Lotus Oil just don't seem to want to form a bond, don't get me wrong my skin
agrees with the formula very much so but I have lost one bottle of oil and smashed another.
A force greater than myself is trying to tell me the relationship is not to be!
Jokes aside this little bottle of oil is a god send to those with oily/combination skin (Clarins also offer other facial oils for various skin types), it re-balances the skin, gives hydration to the areas that are calling out for
a hit of hydration and is a natural anti-stringent...a complete must have for problem skin
and it feels like a spa treatment each and every time you apply it!

Hair oil is most likely the body care oil that most will be familiar and comfortable with myself included.
I always assumed that the summer is the harshest season on the hair but apparently winter is not far
behind in terms of damage, a combination of vile weather, neglect and central heating can result in
some of the worst hair days of your life (oh hi life story so nice of you to creep in here).
My favourite hair oil has to be Moroccan Oil Light and on pampering days like this I like to go for a double does of Moroccan goodness, beginning with a pre-shampoo treatment and a few droplets of oil onto
my wet hair before styling.
Pricey yes but oh so worth it!

With the news of snow due to hit the UK in the coming days I have decided to embrace the chill
and plump for a light blue polish in the form of Mavala Blue Mint for my weekly manicure.
My candle of choice is one that I am determined to finish in time for Spring's arrival - Rituals Scared Fire.
I'm a little fed up of the scent now truth be told but my goodness Rituals candles are so worth the money!

Have a great (hopefully snowy) Sunday everyone!

Products Mentioned
REN Rose Otto Bath Oil* £30 via Cult Beauty - link
L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil £16.50 via L'Occitane - link
Origins Clear Improvement Mask £20 via Origins - link
Clarins Lotus Oil £29.00 via Clarins - link
Moroccan Oil Light* £30.45 via Feel Unique - link
Rituals Scared Fire - now discontinued it was a Christmas edition...sorry!
Mavala Blue Mint Nail Polish* £4.30 via Look Fantasic - link