The Secret to Smudge Free Nails!

Let's not beat around the bush waiting on nail polish to dry has to be one of the most tedious beauty tasks
know to wo(man) and I'm sure I'm not alone in finding some of the fast drying top coats result
in my nail polish peeling off which is fun but completely pointless.

Well today my impatient friends I have something that will dry your nail polish in a matter of moments
without removing the colour a few hours later.
The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray by Beauty Narcotix does have a slight art class vibe, we used to use a similarly packaged fixant product to stop chalk pastel drawings from smudging everywhere...oh the joys of school!

To use you simply spray over The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray each layer of nail polish allow it to dry
which takes seconds then repeat until you are happy with the opaque level of the polish.
None you can paint your nails in bed safe in the knowledge that you will not awaken to smudged
and duvet imprinted nails...we've all been there!

The black packaging is a little domineering and on first inspection I did assume the product to stink the high heavens but it has a slight musky fragrance that is fairly pleasant and not at all hair spray like I had envisaged,
the closest scent I can associate it to is Lynx deodorant but not quite so pungent haha!
Once sprayed it is fairly wet but it evaporites quickly, you can speed up the process by wafting your hands around or blowing on the polish, once dry it doesn't leave behind any residue just dry polish!

If patience is not a trait you are known for treat yourself to a can of this 
and forever bask in the glory of your quickly set nail polish.

The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray by Beauty Narcotix * £17 -link