The Secret to Smudge Free Nails

The Secret to Smudge Free Nails!

Let's not beat around the bush waiting on nail polish to dry has to be one of the most tedious beauty tasks
know to wo(man) and I'm sure I'm not alone in finding some of the fast drying top coats result
in my nail polish peeling off which is fun but completely pointless.

Well today my impatient friends I have something that will dry your nail polish in a matter of moments
without removing the colour a few hours later.
The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray by Beauty Narcotix does have a slight art class vibe, we used to use a similarly packaged fixant product to stop chalk pastel drawings from smudging everywhere...oh the joys of school!

To use you simply spray over The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray each layer of nail polish allow it to dry
which takes seconds then repeat until you are happy with the opaque level of the polish.
None you can paint your nails in bed safe in the knowledge that you will not awaken to smudged
and duvet imprinted nails...we've all been there!

The black packaging is a little domineering and on first inspection I did assume the product to stink the high heavens but it has a slight musky fragrance that is fairly pleasant and not at all hair spray like I had envisaged,
the closest scent I can associate it to is Lynx deodorant but not quite so pungent haha!
Once sprayed it is fairly wet but it evaporites quickly, you can speed up the process by wafting your hands around or blowing on the polish, once dry it doesn't leave behind any residue just dry polish!

If patience is not a trait you are known for treat yourself to a can of this 
and forever bask in the glory of your quickly set nail polish.

The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray by Beauty Narcotix * £17 -link

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  1. As much as I love fast drying nails £17 seems a lot for me to justify, I think I will have to stick to a fast drying topcoat and waiting a few minutes xx

  2. sounds cool but first thought was £17 wow thats expensive...then i saw the regular price and fainted ! x

    1. Hi Angela, Ian from Beauty Narcotix here.

      We have had a lot of fair comments on the price, and so I thought I should explain that the 200ml size is really aimed at salons. We will launch a retail 50ml product around March this year which will probably be priced at a more affordable £10. 200ml will actually do around 50 manicures so it should last you ages!

      We would love you to try it to see how well The Ultimate Fix works in creating shine that lasts and lasts. Many people are telling us that they stay chip-free for over a week, when they were only getting 1-2 days before they used the spray.

      (If you type in the offer code of 'trade' at the checkout you can try it for just £8:50!)

      Hope that helps, Ian

  3. Yeah love the idea not so keen on the price, for the sake of waiting a few minutes!! X

  4. at first I just thought this was hairspray! I like the idea but the price is mentaaaal. :( xx

  5. sounds great because i always smudge my nails after i do them, but ill stick to my sally hansen ista dri for now, i cant be doing with them prices right now:)


  6. think ill stick with the elegant touch version at £3.05 does the exact same job...

    1. Hi Gillian,

      Ian from Beauty Narcotix here. The main difference between Ultimate Fix and Elegant Touch is that you can use our spray on ALL layers of polish and base and top coats. This is key to creating a very strong, shiny and resilient nail. Try Elegant Touch on one hand and Ultimate Fix on the other and see how it lasts.

      (use 'Trade' at the checkout and you will get this salon size pack for just £8:50)

      Best wishes, Ian

  7. Sounds like an amazing product! But I'm a patient girl, so I think I'll spend those £17 on something else...

  8. This is something I really need but I'm quite so fond of the price! x

  9. Nice, but question is if its available in Sweden?? For now, im quite happy with Essie:))

    xxx // k


  10. This does sound great but, like everyone else has said, way over-priced for what it is!!
    Jesss xo

  11. This sounds like the perfect product, i'm sure there must be a cheaper version out there though as this one just seems a tad too expensive!
    Zoe | zozeze.com

  12. China Glaze do a freeze spray that smells like peppermint that I love! x

  13. This seems like a really good idea, I love painting my nails but the time some of the nail polishes take to dry does put me off sometimes.


    1. Angela from Beauty Narcotix here!Then The Ultimate Fix is made for you foreversweet89! take a look at our website to see the results of testimonials!

      We would love your feedback!
      Best wishes

  14. This sounds so amazing and exactly like what I need but I can't justify spending £17 on something just to help dry my nails! I use Seche Vite at the moment and it's good enough x

    Nav | Navilicious Beauty

    1. Hi Nav, we love you to try Seche Vite on one hand and Ultimate Fix on the other and let us know how you get on. Our testing so far suggests that you will get get even longer lasting shine with The Ultimate Fix, as we are able to get each layer to dry hard rather than just the top coat.

      Type in 'trade' at the checkout and you will get The Ultimate Fix for just £8:50.

      Thanks for your interest, Ian

  15. £17?! Normally £37?! Wow, that's... Well its great that it works, but way out my price range. I'm pretty sure the cheapies from superdrug would do a similar job.

  16. Looks like hair spray: D
    The interesting thing)

    Come to me :)

  17. I hate getting douvet imprints in my nails haha, this sounds like a good product, but £17 is alot for a nail product.

    Anna xx

  18. i like the idea, but I don't think I would spend £17 on it! x

  19. Ooh this sounds great, I need to save up for it though as I can't justify spending that much right now

  20. Elegant Touch do a similar product which I use all the time and it works great! Small(ish) can but only costs around £3-4 and lasts me weeks (I paint my nails at least every 3 days, if not more) x

  21. Thought I'd post a link to it on Boots.com, in case anyone was interested x


  22. This looks brilliant except from the price slightly steep! :(
    I have a blog and it would be awesome if you could check it out!

  23. Ahh hallelujah!! Just what I need I'm helpless when my nails are wet aha. Thegoodowl.blgspot.com xo

  24. this sounds amazing! need this!


  25. Such an obvious product, it is bizarre that there are not more products like this on the market :S. Thank you for posting this. Three cheers to no more 'duvet imprinted nails'.

    Much Love: http://razzledazzleandrocknroll.blogspot.co.uk/


  26. This would be perfect for me as Im so impatient, but I just dont know if I can justify that price :(



  27. £17 is crazy! I'd rather wait... X


  28. £17 is very steep! I wouldn't even buy it if it was half the price but it's a good idea. Avon do an oil spray that's similar but I think that works in a slightly different way. All in all, I'd rather wait that little longer than fork out for a product like that sadly. Especially in this economic climate.

  29. I am always a victim of smudged / imprinted nails after sleeping on them before they set!

    This is quite pricey but seems worth it, I hate the wait after you paint them!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  30. I used a spray similar to this in college when I did Beauty Therapy, but never bought one for myself, in all honesty I forgot they even existed until reading this post so thank you for reminding me of them! I think I'll have to purchase a can! xx

  31. Sounds like a great product. I'm forever smudging my nails so would love to give this a go. Wish it was a bit cheaper though x



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