Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Best of Healing and Medicated Lip Balms

Consider me your fairy lip mother, if your lips have seen better days (too much smooching under the mistletoe and New Years kisses you naughty minx) then today's post is especially for you.
However if you did over do the kissing then you do not have my sympathies
as the closest I got to a kiss over New Year was from the dog!
Hash tag forever alone.

1, Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight - Admittedly this is not the cheapest balm out there but one I highly recommend as it is more of a night time treatment which you apply, sleep with it on and awaken to a baby soft pout free from chapped and flaky lips.
As it really works it is worth the investment to keep on your bedside table for a quick fix.

2, Blistex Lip Relief Cream - I'm sure most are familiar with the cold sore version of this cream?
Well this medicated lip cream, soothes and heals chapped lips even those that look beyond repair.
This isn't the quickest working balm out of the five but the one I recommend for those who
have super chapped/rough lips...bear with it as over the course of three days it does tend to work!

3, Carmex Original - Good ol' trusty Carmex, my fail safe balm which I seemingly use on a daily basis.
Oddly I am allergic to the flavoured versions but the original works a treat for healing and soothing
chapped, winter lips not to mention it is great for slicking on underneath matte lipsticks.

4, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - It really doesn't matter which version you pick up of the 8 hour cream (I  do prefer the scented option) as they all work similarly. 
This is a super thick balm that instantly wraps any chapped, broken and irritated skin be it your lips or not
and nurses it back to a health state.
The best all rounder, great for long haul and a wonderful barrier cream too!

5, Blistex Medi-Plus - This is my slightly more buttery back up to Carmex, if I can't find my trust potted version of Carmex then I will slick this on.
Essentially it acts in the same way Carmex does but is less waxy, I would like it a whole lot more if the
scent was more pleasing but there is no arguing that it is a winter god send for the lips.

Do you have any medicated lip balm recommendations?

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  1. Can't beat Carmex for me, I'm never without it! Love the stuff. The Philosophy sounds lovely, but wow that's pricey for lip balm!!

    Jesss xo

  2. Ooh I had wondered about the Philosophy lip balm, may indulge at some point, my lips get so dry. Personally I am not a fan of Carmex anymore, the menthol dries my lips out like no tomorrow after regular use!

    1. Ah that sucks :( I love it but it seems you are not alone :)
      yes the Philosophy one is AMAZING!

  3. carmex is a godsend for me, although I'm yet to give blistex or any other of those lip balms a try! i've heard that nuxe do a great lip balm too :)

  4. My lips are super try at the moment, so may have to have a look at some of these. The thing I find that's working the best at the moment are The Body Shop Lip Roll-ons!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  5. Carmex will always be my firm fave. I have tried a million and one different lip balms and nothing compares.
    Lots of love Aimie xxx

  6. Chapstick medicated is my favourite.

  7. The Elizabeth Arden is the only lip balm that's ever worked for me! Such a great multipurpose product :)

  8. My lips always seem to crack and chap in winter, and lipbalms are an essential! Carmex for the win. xx

    My blog-

  9. Carmex has saved my dry and cracked lips for countless winters as well!
    Same here btw, hash tag forever alone applies to me too haha!

    Nathalie x

  10. I haven't tried any of the balms you've posted O_o

    I normally use Giovanni SPF35 lip balm or Now food Pomegranate one. I always have at home Yves Rocher nourishing lip balm and L'Occitane Karite pot :)

  11. Hi! Sorry to be a spoiler here, but Carmex is based on petrol oil which dries your lips even more(so you have to use it more often) and it´s forbidden in some countries because of the anestesic ingredient. Better use lip balms based on natural waxes like korres lip butter or any other natural brand....I almost never have to use any lip balm because the natural ones don´t create the "addict" effect.

    1. Hi Belle :) no I appreciate the extra info you can never be to informed so thank you :) I like but don't love the Korres balms do you have any other recommendations?

    2. I agree, I heard from a friend never to use petroleum based products on my lips as at the time they were so bad and she suggested burts bee's lip balms. Now my lips are soooo much better! Also there is one from Jason which is lovely that smells like after eights! :) x

  12. I spent new years alone too! Boo! I must pick up some more blistex/carmex, my lips are so sore! x

  13. Before I caved and bought the Nuxe reve de miel my go to lipsaver was the Blistex daily lip conditioner. I always have a pot of it somewhere, even now that i've got my Nuxe i'm too feart to not have the Blistex one too.


  14. Ugh. I just went back to using regular vaseline because I was so confuzzled by all the different lip balms out there! But thanks for the guide, I'll definitely look these up.

  15. Thats really funny because im alergic to the cherry and mint carmex, it bring my lips out in blisters and makes them look like i have lip plumpers! Great post!:)

  16. I want that philosophy one, I love Philosophy! just for the packaging in itself!

  17. Great post!! Very useful!! :)


  18. I've started putting my No7 Protect and Pefect intense EYE cream on my lips at night. It really makes them soft. In the day I use Blistex cream. Carmex can dry them but I use every now and then. I also use the tinted red Blistex and the tinted coral Carmex!

  19. Blistex relief cream and medplus are my two lip saviours!

    Sophierosehearts x

  20. not a medicated one, but the best ones for my lips are Korres lip butters by far, they're lovely :) x

  21. i love Carmex~ It seems to really heal my lips and keeping it nice and moisturised. I am such a lip balm junkie, i think i cannot live without them. My favourite ones are Nivea essential and the body shop born lippys which come in loads of different flavours! Thank you for the reviews for the lipbalms here. I know the philosophy lipbalm is pricey..but i think my lips are so dry and chapped right now that it is worth the investment :) xxx


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