Consider me your fairy lip mother, if your lips have seen better days (too much smooching under the mistletoe and New Years kisses you naughty minx) then today's post is especially for you.
However if you did over do the kissing then you do not have my sympathies
as the closest I got to a kiss over New Year was from the dog!
Hash tag forever alone.

1, Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight - Admittedly this is not the cheapest balm out there but one I highly recommend as it is more of a night time treatment which you apply, sleep with it on and awaken to a baby soft pout free from chapped and flaky lips.
As it really works it is worth the investment to keep on your bedside table for a quick fix.

2, Blistex Lip Relief Cream - I'm sure most are familiar with the cold sore version of this cream?
Well this medicated lip cream, soothes and heals chapped lips even those that look beyond repair.
This isn't the quickest working balm out of the five but the one I recommend for those who
have super chapped/rough lips...bear with it as over the course of three days it does tend to work!

3, Carmex Original - Good ol' trusty Carmex, my fail safe balm which I seemingly use on a daily basis.
Oddly I am allergic to the flavoured versions but the original works a treat for healing and soothing
chapped, winter lips not to mention it is great for slicking on underneath matte lipsticks.

4, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - It really doesn't matter which version you pick up of the 8 hour cream (I  do prefer the scented option) as they all work similarly. 
This is a super thick balm that instantly wraps any chapped, broken and irritated skin be it your lips or not
and nurses it back to a health state.
The best all rounder, great for long haul and a wonderful barrier cream too!

5, Blistex Medi-Plus - This is my slightly more buttery back up to Carmex, if I can't find my trust potted version of Carmex then I will slick this on.
Essentially it acts in the same way Carmex does but is less waxy, I would like it a whole lot more if the
scent was more pleasing but there is no arguing that it is a winter god send for the lips.

Do you have any medicated lip balm recommendations?