Friday, January 04, 2013

Monthly Empties - Festive Edition

I will openly admit that the post title may be a little misleading and perhaps suggest that I'm going to share empty tins of Quality Street but this is purely the products that I have finished in the last fortnight or so, 
sorry if that is a let down!

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel - £19 via Clarins - link
With the amount of times I yack on about this cleanser I really should dedicate a special corner 
of my blog just to it, like a golden shrine...too far? Most likely!
This is my holy grail cleanser, it gently cleanses my skin effectively without stripping my skin of moisture 
and since only using this to cleanse with any blemish break outs are few and far between.
To further cement my love for this product I have a stash of two new bottles ready to be opened...true cleansing love right there.

Sleek Make-Up Be Beautiful Blemish Balm - £8.99 via Sleek - link
When I received this to review a good few months ago I honestly had no idea what to do with a product quite so pale and unsuited to my skin tone but I have been using it to lighten some of my deeper foundations to make them more winter suited.
A nice enough BB cream but not one I'm in a hurry to repurchase.

Area H20 Shampoo - £7.95 via Look Fantastic - link
I will be the first to admit that I thought this hair care brand would be a fad but it really does work 
and I find it great for banishing my hair of static electricity which I'm oddly prone to.
I won't be repurchasing at the moment as I'm lucky water wise in that Glasgow water is kind on the hair 
but I will be purchasing the hard water version for trips abroad.

Paul Mitchell Strength Hair Care Duo - £25 via Paul Mitchell stockists - link
A really great daily hair care duo that I found a joy to use and an aide to my dry hair over the period of a fortnight but annoyingly the lettering comes off the bottles when wet and sticks to your skin!
I think eventually I will repurchase this duo but for the moment I have a huge hair care stash to work through.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask - Full Size £20 via Origins - link
My teeny tiny little tube that came inside the Origins 2012 Christmas Bauble was enough to persuade me
to splash out and purchase the full size tube of this mask which is currently winging its way to me.
Origins Clear Improvement Mask is charcoal based and aimed at those who have problems with their
pores, I can't say it has unclogged my pores as of yet but each time I use it my skin just glows
and feels cleansed try is to love!

Did you make a dent in your stash this month?

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  1. That clarins cleanser sounds heavily and I am so hard in to origins clear improvement it's beyond silly. x

  2. I really like the paul mitchel shampoo and conditioners, great empties!:)

  3. I like the set up of the pictures.

  4. I wish you a happy new Year!!!

  5. There's nothing better than finding your HG cleanser is there. :) I found mine in the form of Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse.

  6. I've just got into clarins products. Have you tried their beauty flash balm? x

  7. I got a sample of the Clear Improvements mask, I love it

  8. Im tempted by that Origins mask, just heard so many good things about it i feel like i need to give it a go! I love that you can get the little travel sized ones now as well.

    Zoe |

  9. gorgeous ..loved the packaging ..

  10. I talk about that cleanser all the time too! Hahahaha. I LOVE Paul Mitchell, never had a problem with the lettering coming off though??

  11. Haha, that title did make me think of empty chocolate and candy boxes. Now that would be a terrifying post to write!
    So many people rave about that Origins mask and it does tempt me a bit, but so far my skin hasn't liked any Origins products I've ever bought.

  12. I love Clarins cleansers - never met one I didn't like!


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