Friday, January 04, 2013

NARS Casino Bronzer - Review

Have you ever watched countless YouTube videos and read countless blog posts in which so many rave
about a product only to get it and be like "Meh...I don't get what the fuss is about"?
For me that is and still is NARS Laguna Bronzer, I have tried so many times to get it to work for me
and have come this close to bouncing it off a wall in sheer frustration.
It really all boils down to the fact that the colour does nothing for my skin tone which might be the case
for some of you nestling down to read my clearly riveting posts...I kid obviously!

Out of the three bronzers NARS offer (yup three I was shocked too as all I ever hear about is Laguna)
Casino is the deepest and most matte in formula making it a great contour option for mid to deep skin tones.
Best summed up NARS Casino is a a true Chocolate brown shade with a slight yellow leaning
resulting in it overall being neutral and suitable for both warm and cool complexions.

The pigmentation is outstanding, with only one quick swipe being needed to contour and bronze
on my current NC35 skin tone, all the while looking natural and not caking 
or encouraging my skin to turn into an oily mess.
I have stated that this is the most matte of all three NARS bronzers but I do want to point out that it is not
completely matte there is a slight and very sheer shimmer element to Casino, it acts more of an illuminator
rather than a highlight element and is subtle enough to contour with.
In terms of wear I find this to stay in place for up to ten hours as a contour and around the eight hour
mark when used as a bronzer/blush - I always prime and have oily skin.

If you have struggled with NARS Laguna or have mid-deep skin tones and need a wonderful
bronzer then let NARS Casino be your next purchase!

NARS Casino Bronzer £24/8g via ASOS - link

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  1. amazing pigmentation :)

  2. Always wondered about getting a NARS bronzer! Thanks for the review :)

  3. Wow the swatches are amazing of casino!:)

  4. The colour looks great, not too orangey like some!


  5. I was going to go for this and went with Laguna. This looks lovely on your skin tone, great review.


  6. I love this! The color looks really great!

  7. I'm so tempted to go for a Nars bronzer, as I've hit pan on Benefit's Hoola, but I just can't decide which one. I worry that this will be too dark on my pale skin, but your swatches do look gorgeous! xx

  8. I love this bronzer I prefer this one over the laguna bronzer.

  9. I love Laguna! I also have been using this lately too - I really like it

  10. I've not heard much about this one. Will have to give it a swatch sometime. I think it would suit my skintone better than Laguna. :)

  11. I really would like some nars. Think I might try this! Or a blusher :)

  12. Ooh that looks like a really nice bronzer, I always hear so many good things about Nars bronzers and blushes.. I may have to invest ;)

    Anna xx

  13. This looks like a nice bronzer without being "dirty" looking or too dark!


  14. That pigmentation is fantastic!
    I have just started a blog and would love if you came to check it out!

  15. I can't get on with Laguna at all infact just today I gave it too my very happy sister. I'm very pale though so this one prob wouldn't work either. X

  16. When I bought Laguna, the shade I was most drawn to was Casino but the girl in Space NK just kept saying it's too dark for my skin tone. I LOVE Laguna, I really do. It's my favourite high-end bronzer. But I am still lusting after Casino and will have to get it because I've wanted it for over a year now! xo


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