Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Collection Information

I haven't been as excited about a MAC collection quite like this since MAC Wonder Woman launched,
MAC's Archie's Girls is set to hit US counters on the 7th of February so expect a stampede!
I'm not fully sure of the UK launch date but I would imagine as we are always a month behind
that it will hit the UK shores the first week of March but feel free to correct me.
Unfortunately the Veronica images have yet to leak but what has looks pretty impressive!


Daddy's Little Girl - Mid-Tone Pink Violet (Satin)
Boyfriend Stealer - Deep Blackened Plum (Cremesheen)
Ronnie Red - Bright Red (Matte)

Mall Madness - Mid-Tone Pink Violet
Strawberry Malt - Bright Red
Feelin' So Good - Deep Blackened Plum

Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow 
Ron Ron Run - Deep Navy (Satin)
Spoiled Rich - Rich Purple (Frost)
Pin-Up Purple - Mid-Tone Orchid (Frost)
Gravel - Charcoal (Matte) 

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner 
Designer Purple - Violet with Pearlized Pigments
Petrol Blue - Deep Navy with Pearlized Pigments

Magic Spells - Blackened Teal
Black Poodle - Blackened Pink

Opulash Mascara
Bad Bad Black - Intense Black

Powder Blush 
Prom Princess - Mid-Tone Violet Pink (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder
Veronica's Blush - Silvery pink with deep pink hearts

Nail Lacquer 
Past Curfew - Deep Berry (Cream)
Double Trouble - Deep Navy (Cream)


Betty Bright - Light Vibrant Peach (Satin)
Girl Next Door - Vivid Blue Pink (Lustre)
Oh, Oh, Oh - Sheer Brown Plum (Lustre)

Kiss & Don't Tell - Bright Coral
Summer Sweetheart - Light Peach
Stay Sweet - Light Lavender Pink

Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow x4
Caramel Sundae - Mid-Tone Warm Tan (Satin)
Cheryl Chic - Light Coral Pink (Frost)
Dreammaker - Pale Frosty Yellow (Frost)
Showstopper - Dark, cool-toned brown (Matte)

Pearlglide Intense Liner 
Black Swan - Black ith gold pearlized Pigments
Lord it Up - Bronze with pearlized Pigments

Lucky in Love - Shimmering Light Blue Green
Cheers My Dear - Light Lavender

Opulash Mascara
Optimum Black - Saturated Intense Black

Powder Blush 
Cream Soda - Light Neutral Coral (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder 
Flatter me - Golden peach base with coral hearts

Nail Lacquer 
Comic Cure - Bright Coral (Cream)
Pep Pep Pep - Light peach nude (Cream)


Archie's Girls Brush Kit 
167 SE - Face Blender Brush
168 SE - Large Angle Contour Brush
226 SE - Small Tapered Blending Brush
242 SE - Shader brush
266 SE - Small Angle Brush

Jingle Jangle Coin Purse 
White faux patent coin purse with red piping and zipper closure

Young Hearts Mirror
Mirror with white faux patent slipcase

Just a Flirt Makeup Bag 
White Faux Patent Makeup Bag

Yours Forever Tote
White faux patent tote with heart shaped front pocket and red piping

Image Credit - link
Collection Information credit to Spectra and the user Mac-Guy 

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  1. This collection looks amazing!!! So So excited for the UK launch. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. Is it sad that I cant wait to own 4 lipsticks, 2 lipglass', the eyeshadow palette and maybe the a pearl glider pencil.

    I know I'm on a spending ban (Don't look at me like that) but I'm too excited for this collection loool

    It's gong to be Archie week on my blog loool

  3. I don't tend to buy too much from the collections but this one looks so cute and some of the colours are really nice that I may have too! xx

  4. What an adorable collection! I definitely hope to get my hands on some of these! xo

  5. super cute!!!!
    love the lipstick colours.

  6. I think I will have to get the pearlmatte face powder when this collection is released! :)

  7. I really want Ronnie red lipstick and the brushes!! Thanks for posting :)

  8. Ahh, so much want.
    I want all of the below!

    Daddy's Little Girl
    Mall Madness
    Prom Princess
    Betty Bright
    Summer Sweetheart
    Black Swan

    Laura xx

  9. I haven't been excited about a MAC limited edition in a looooooooooooong time too! I love Archie and friends since I'm 5 so this one's for me! :)

  10. I'm so excited for this to come out in the UK! xxxx

  11. Some gorgeous colours.. but I'm not so keen on the packaging :/ I think it looks a bit cheap and a bit un-Mac if that makes sense? xx

  12. I agree with Gemma, I think the packaging looks a bit cheap for MAC, but still can't wait to try it out


  13. Oh my dayyys, I will be neeeeding half of that!

  14. Such a cute collection even if it does look a little cheap
    Fashion Ganache

  15. i must say how cute the packagaing is on this collection cant wait to try some soon!:)

  16. I'm probably the only one but I'm really not a fan of the packaging! Personally think it looks a bit tacky :( xox

  17. Not a fan of the packaging on this. Would feel a little silly pulling this out of my bag.

  18. Wahhh I go to the USA on the 11th of Feb! Gonna pick this up early if I can find it!!


  19. I totally have a soft spot for Archie and the whole gang after reading the comics in Canada. Those models totally freaked me out! I love the concept of this, but the packaging is a bit naff, sadly. Plus I can no way afford Mac! Still cute and quirky though :)

  20. I must be the only person who think's this collection is well tacky, not for me!

  21. as soon as there's a limited edition lustre lipstick, I'm on it! x

  22. I seriously cant wait for this!! It reminds me of Betty Boop?? I'm expecting really cute pastel colours from this collection! :) :)

  23. the collection looks amazing I can not wait to get my hands on the brushes and I love the look of the lipsticks

  24. I have no idea who they are but I need every last bit of this in my life! Yeah it is tacky but in the most fabulous way! Im sure my little girl is going to destroy my makeup even more when she sees these. X

  25. I was on a no buy during the marilyn collection and I am not letting myself miss out on L.E stuff again! lol. I am definitely going to at least pick up one or two lip products!! Too cute. Always loved the comic!

  26. I can't wait for this collection! I really want Boyfriend Stealer, Strawberry Malt and possibly Mall Madness. :D Soooo excited!

  27. I was a big fan of Archie comics as a child, still am, used to pick them up whenever I was in the states. If I had the money I would buy it all but unfortunately I could only afford a few pieces.


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